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Managing Orders
Order Changes Holds Canceling Orders Copying Orders Splitting Order Lines Close Orders

Managing Orders
In Addition to entering and booking of the Sales orders, your application provides additional functionalities to modify, cancel, hold and purge sales orders necessitated by your complex business processes.

Managing Orders
Order Changes:

Order Management provides you with the ability to automate the process of changing various types of orders and track quantity changes made to orders during the order flow. Any changes made to the sales orders could be tracked and applied with Notification Workflow.

Applying Changes

Managing Orders

Query the sales order in Order Organizer and choose to open the Order. Choose the line where the Changes have to be made and execute the order line changes. Enter the changes and Save your work.

Managing Orders
Once the changes are applied a window will be prompted to enter the reason on for Qty changes. Select the appropriate reason and press OK

Select the Notification option and accept the appropriate user responsibility to approve the order change

Managing Orders
Application enables you to hold an order, return, order line, or return line from continuing to progress through its workflow by utilizing the holds feature. Holds can be applied manually or automatically based on a set of criteria you define, such as a credit check hold. You can define as many different holds as you need to manage your business.

Managing Orders
Applying Hold to the orders
Query the Sales Order through Order Organizer, Open the order Apply Holds through Actions Button. Select the appropriate hold name and hold until date and comments to press on Apply Holds. Now the sales order will be on Hold for mentioned reason till the Hold Until date or till manually releasing the hold.

Managing Orders
Releasing Holds on the Orders.
Application provides with the ability to release holds on returns and lines and release hold sources. orders,

Release holds on specific orders, returns, or lines; release a hold source that holds many orders or lines. If a hold was defined with specific hold authorizations, you must be logged in as one of the responsibilities permitted to remove this hold

Managing Orders
Navigate to the Sales Orders window and query the order or return you want to release the hold.

Click Actions and select Release Holds.

Managing Orders
Select the release Reason for hold Optionally, enter Comment Click the Release.

Save your work.

Managing Orders
Freight and Special Charges:
The freight and special charges capability of your application enables you to capture, store, update, and view costs associated with a shipment, order, container, or delivery.You can either itemize or summarize such charges on your orders.This capability includes functionality to pass customer charge information to Oracle Receivables for invoicing.

Managing Orders
Canceling Sales Orders

You can cancel sales orders, order lines, returns, and return lines. Order Management automatically adjusts reservations for cancelled lines.

If you want to cancel an entire order, you need to do so before any of the order lines are shipped, or invoiced.

Managing Orders
Navigate to the Order Organizer window and query the order or return you want to apply the cancellation to. Click Actions Select Cancel Select the reason why you are canceling the order. Select OK. Re query the Sales order to see the changes.

Managing Orders
Copying Orders:
The Copy Orders function of the application is integrated with the Sales Orders window and supports multi-selection of records.
In addition to copying orders it facilitates copying lines from within an order or across orders to a new order, or adding them to an existing order.

Managing Orders
Query an order, click Action and choose Copy

Specify an Order Type to change it and click Ok

Navigate to the Copy Header/Line and Pricing Options to exclude child entities

Managing Orders
Copy the Headers and the Lines for the sales order by checking the options for copying

Click ok after all the attributes to be copied have been checked.

The newly copied Order/Orders will be available via the 'Today's Orders' node in the Order Organizer tree in the Sales Order Pad.

Managing Orders
Splitting Order Lines

Splitting order lines functionality in the Application provides with

splitting of the the order Quantity based on the requirement.

Split Quantities can be shipped on two different dates. When an order line is split in this manner, it is considered a manual or user initiated split.

Query and Open the Sales order

Managing Orders

Click on the Actions button to choose Split line

Mention the line quantity to be split on the Split Line Window

Click Split.

Managing Orders
Once the Split is executed, the Sales order line items would pick up the number of lines the Splitting has been performed for the Primary Ordered Quantity.

Managing Orders
Close Orders
Close lines and close orders are implemented using workflow. Order Management provides seeded close line and close order workflow sub-processes to close the order header and line, respectively.
Once an order is closed, no lines can be added. Closing orders that are complete, enhances performance, since many programs,windows and report queries retrieve open orders only.

Managing Orders

order activity / workflow diagram