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Colombia is the Greatest Place in the World: Superlative Adjectives

Natalia Carolina Cifuentes Snchez

A superlative adjective expresses the extreme or highest degree of a quality. We use a superlative adjective to describe the extreme quality of one thing in a group of things. 1. One-syllabe adjectives and two-syllabe adjectives ending in y

Big Large Tidy

The oldest
The biggest The largest The tidiest

2. Other-two syllabe adjectives and longer adjectives

Popular Interesting Expensive Polluted

The most popular The most interesting The most expensive The most polluted

3. Irregular forms




The best
The furthest / the farthest

1. With short vowels (a, i, o) the final consonant doubles: fat the fattest big the biggest
2. If the adjective ends in e, we only add est fine the finest cute the cutest 3. y changes to iest friendly the friendliest busy the busiest


1. By far the most./-est Brazil is by far the largest country in South America.

2. One of the most/-est Baghdag is one of the oldest cities in the world
3. The second/third most/-est Cali is the third most popular city in Colombia. 4. The least The bus is the least means of transport in the city.

1. This is a HIGH school = This is the _________ school in London. 2. That was an EASY exercise = That was the _________ exercise of the test. 3. This is a COMFORTABLE armchair = This is the _________ armchair in this shop. 4. This is a BIG cheese burger = This is the _________ cheese burger of the McDonald's Company. 5. That was a very BAD conversation = That was the _________ conversation I have had. 6. That was a DIFFICULT exercise = That was the _________ exercise of the test. 7. He's got a GOOD pen = He's got the _________ pen of the class. 8. This is an INDIFFERENT pupil = This is the _________ pupil of my class. 9. He is a FUNNY boy = He is the _________ boy in the world. 10. He is LESS young than the others = He is the _________ young of my class.

a. This building is very old. Its the _________ building in the town. b. It was a very happy day. It was _________ of my life. c. Its a very good film. Its _________ Ive seen. d. It was a very bad mistake. It was _________ in my life. e. It was a very cold day. It was _________ of the year. f. Shes a popular singer. Shes _________ in the country. g. Hes a very boring person. Hes _________ I know. h. This house is very big. It is _________ Ive lived in. i. My cousin is very tall. He is _________ I have. j. Laura is a very pretty girl. She is _________ I know.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the adjective in brackets:
a. We like wearing the ____________________ (late) fashion. b. These trousers are ____________________ (comfortable) than those jeans.

c. She is ______________________ (happy) now than he was last year.

d. You are the ________________________ (pretty) girl in class. e. My grandma is _______________________ (old) than my grandpa.

f. The red dress is the ______________________ (attractive) in the shop.

g. I always tell the _______________________ (fun) jokes. h. Your hair is ____________________ (curly) than my hair.

i. My hair is ______________________ (short) than yours.

Choose the correct answer

Who is shorter than / the shortest person in your family?

c. Who is more independent than / the most independent person you know?
d. These sofas are more comfortable than / the most comfortable ours. e. My brother is taller than / the tallest in the class. f. Is Jasons dog older than / the oldest yours? g. Who is the best / better than singer in the world? h. We are younger than / the youngest the rest of the class.

i. My hair is the straightest / straighter than your hair.

j. He is more popular / the most popular singer in the world.