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Sitara Textile Industry

Group name: SITARA GROUP Group members:

Rabia Ahmad-0046 (Golden Star) Hareem Naeem-0027 (Silver Star) Sabah Afzal-0051 (Pink Star) Khadija Irum-0044 (White Star)

Brief Introduction of the Organization

Sitara Textile is a leading name in the Textile circuit of Pakistan Pakistans primary Exporter Sitara emerged on the horizon of Pakistans textile industry in 1959

Different Commercial projects:

Sitara Textiles Industries Ltd. Sitara Chemicals Industries Ltd. Sitara Chemicals (spinning Units 1 & 2) Sitara Energy Ltd. Sitara Fabrics Sitara Peroxide Ltd

Different Welfare Projects

Aziz Fatima Trust Hospital Ghafoor Bashir Children Hospital Aziz Fatima Girls model Collage

Vision & Mission:

Vision: Strive to develop and employ innovative technological solutions to add value to business with progressive and proactive approach Mission: Continuing growth and diversification for bottom line results with risks well contained.

Graphical expansion:
Sitara Textile is a leading name in the Textile circuit of Pakistan. It has its building in Faisalabad.

Domestic competitors of Sitara textile:

Following are the domestic competitors of Sitara textile: Chenab Textile Mills. Nishat textile Mills Crescent textile Mills Masood Textile. Shahzad Siddique Textile Afroz Textile Mills Amtex Private Limited Bismillah Textiles Kamal Textiles

Pakistan Textile Industrial Sectors Competitors:

Bangladesh India China Russia Sri-lanky Vietnam


Ladies seasonal collection Gents seasonal collection Bed sheets collection Decorative collection

Target market:

Textile export markets Men & Women wardrobe on national and international level

Organizational Structure:
Chief Executive Officer

Director Export

Manager IT

Director Finance

Director Processin g

General Manager Operation

General. Manager public Relations


Finance Department Marketing Department Production department Human Resource Management and Admin Export Documentation Import Documentation Security Merchandising Department Electrical department IT Department

Quality & Quantity control:

Sitara textiles provide high standards in quality. Manager is responsible for quality & quantity products.

Advertising polices:

Brochures or flyers Direct mail Magazines Newsletters Newspapers Television ads Web pages Novelties Posters and bulletin boards

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