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Key Company Highlights

250+ team with experience in managing offshore, distributed development. Neev Technologies established in Jan 05 VC Funding in 2009 By Basil Partners

User Interface Design and User Experience Design Performance Consulting Practices Quality Assurance & Testing Outsourced Product Development

Part of Publicis Groupe Member of NASSCOM. Development Centers in Bangalore and Pune. Offices at Bangalore, USA, Delhi, Pune, Singapore and Stockholm.

Social Apps from Neev

Recent Projects
SmartIndiMoms A Facebook App for moms and housewives to share the best deals available online and within their localities Snappy Deals Facebook Apps for sharing promotional offers, Contest Leaderboards, Customer support. Treepoll A Social Networking Portal based on creating and participating in Micro-polls. Conscience Manager A Facebook app for helping people manage their new year resolutions and also donate for a cause. Element14 A Facebook App and Business Page for Element 14 to engage with their users on Facebook.

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Case Study - SmartIndiMoms - Facebook Apps

What we did @ SmartIndiMoms

About SmartIndiMoms: SmartIndiMoms is an upcoming startup which provides a platform for Indian mothers to exchange smart tips, advice and network with each other. Business Challenge: SmartIndiMoms wanted to leverage the large population of Indian mothers who spend time socializing on Facebook and provide them with an opportunity to share best buys and deals. Solution: A crowdsourced Facebook App which allows users to post best buys and deals. Mothers can like them, post comments and interact with other Mothers. It also facilitates Mothers to get connected with each other and make new friends. Neevs Approach: Neev developed a custom application running on Django and Python with a MySQL database. Extensive use of AJAX and jQuery allows for a rich user experience.

What we did @ SmartIndiMoms

Case Study

What we did @ Treepoll

About Treepoll: Treepoll is a startup in the Social Networking space, which aims to create networking groups around polls and micro-polling.

Neevs Approach: Neev built a Social Networking Application from the ground up, with the following features: Allow users to follow and be friends with each other. Post polls and invite users to reply to the polls. Earn Pluses. Share the posts and comments on Facebook. Single Signon using Facebook Connect.

What we did @ Treepoll

Case Study Snapfish

What we did @ Snapfish

About Snapfish: Snapfish is a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard. It offers the widest range of photo products that are sold from their website. Business Challenge: While having a successful online portal for selling digital photo products, Snapfish didnt quite have a strong Social Media presence. Solution: Develop and build interactive and viral Facebook campaigns that will help Snapfish increase their followers and sales from Social Media. Neevs Approach: Neev built a Facebook App that can be used to launch different like based deals on their Business Page. Snapfishs follower base, zoomed by over 500% after the launch of their Facebook Apps. We further helped Snapfish launch apps for customer support where users could directly create their support tickets from within Facebook.

What we did @ Snapfish

Case Study Element14

What we did @ Element14

About Snapfish: Element14 is a leading online provider of electronic goods. It also has a strong eCommunity and technical portal where Electronic professionals and Design Engineers interact and collaborate on various electronic projects. Business Challenge: Element14 wanted to engage with their customers and users on Facebook and provide them with a central place to interact and learn about the latest offerings and featured products from Element14.

Neevs Approach: Neev built a Facebook App that acts like a Dashboard, and gives a birds eye view of the latest discussions, featured products and suppliers from their respective countries. Facebook users are able to directly purchase their products from the Facebook App.

What we did @ Element14

The Neev Edge

End-to-end consultative approach for software solutions through needs

assessment, process consulting and strategic advice.

Internal QMS are ISO 9001-2008 certified and CMM level 3 compliant. Continuous process and service level improvements through deployment of best-

of-breed processes and technologies.

International Standards and best practices on Project Management including PMI, ISO and Prince-2. Proven EDC Model of delivery to provide predictable results. Scrum based Agile development methodology.



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