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Presenting Cherrapunjee to

The World

Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort

Cherrapunji is a small town
located on the southern edge of
Khasi Hills about 4823 feet
above mean sea level.
Cherrapunjee is locally and now
officially known as ‘SOHRA’.
Khasi people of Mon-Khmer
origin inhabit it.

It is the headquarters of Sohra

Civil Sub-Division and falls in
East Khasi Hills District of the
Indian State of Meghalaya.

Meghalaya is one of the seven

states of North East India with
Assam to its North and sharing
an international border with
Bangladesh on its South.
The Rainiest Place on Earth

The average annual rainfall at

Cherrapunjee from 1973-2007 is
11,952.2 mm (i.e. 39.21 feet .
The major cause for Cherrapunji
receiving the heavy rainfall be
attributed to the orographic features
of the Khasi Hills here.
Cherrapunji falls directly on the
path of Southwest Monsoon known
as the Indian Summer Monsoon /
Asian Summer Monsoon. The
deep gorges around Cherrapunji
help to funnel and converge the low
flying rain bearing clouds over
Cherrapunji. The upward thrusted
rain clouds rapidly cool as they
reach higher altitudes, condense
and deluge Cherrapunji.
The Living Root Bridges
are exclusive to Meghalaya in the
whole world. The stem of a species of
Indian Rubber tree- Ficus Elastica-
are trained over 20- 25 years to form
these living bridges to cross fast
flowing rivers and streams. Some of
these bio-engineering wonders are 53
feet, 70 feet and 100 feet long.

The Double Decker Root Bridge has

two levels. They are grow in strength by
the day. These bridges are reachable
on foot throughout the year and are
used by villagers everyday.
Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort helps
you with guides to see these Living
Places of Tourist Interest

Thangkharang Park, Khynrem Falls

Khoh Ramhan/ Pillar Rock
Dainthlen Waterfalls

Mawsmai Caves
Eco Park

Rama Krishna Mission Museum
First Presbyterian Church,

Sohra Market
Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort
Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort is a family run
Nature Resort, promoted as a Family Holiday
Destination. It is our earnest desire to provide
the right ambience for family holidays in the lap
of nature in this abode of clouds.

Come to nature to be soothed

and healed, to have great
family get-togethers, for soft
adventure and for real
adventure. Inculcate the spirit
of adventure in your children.
The serenity and beauty of
this place will overwhelm you.
At Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort, the focus is on the abundant scenic beauty
all around the Resort, the benevolence of the Asian Summer Monsoon on
Cherrapunjee, the enchanting and challenging Nature Treks in this amazing
terrain, the Living Root Bridges including the unique Double Decker Root Bridge,
which are exclusive to Meghalaya in the whole world, Baths in waterfalls,
mountain streams and cool springs during the rainy season, Swims in Natural
Swimming Pools that are rock pools in the river bed down in the valley, Bonfires,
Adventure Caving, River Canyoning, Geo-Caching and Camping Out in winter.
Come be soothed by Nature…

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