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Experimental Photography

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(Out of Focus)
Explain the experiments you did and your findings. With these pictures, I was experimenting the focus of the camera, and how I could change the camera from automatic focus (AF), to manual focus ( F). I found out that this could !e changed !y the flic" of a !utton on the cameras lens. #he aim of what I was doing here, was to capture a few images whilst they were out of focus. In order to do this, you ha$e to swi%%le the focus ring which is located on the end of your cameras lens. &eople tend to get mixed up with the other !it on the lens, which is in fact the lens' !arrel. #his changes how much you %oom in and out. In the experiment, I found that changing the focus ring to out of focus can change your image dramatically. It ma"es it $ery !lurry, and unusual to loo" at. #al" a!out the results you got. #he top two images that I ha$e ta"en on the right, are images of lights in the college corridor. I "ept the focus the same, !ut changed the angle of how I too" them. I personally feel that the second image I too" was the !etter image. #he lights seem to loo" as if they flow a lot !etter that the other picture. #he lights on the top image (ust seem to merge together, and I am not as "een on it. #he !ottom image was ta"en in a lift, where there is a lot of lighting. )ourtney then when to put her hand out in front of one of the walls of the lift, and that is what gi$e us the shadow in the foreground. I feel that this image is *uite an interesting image, !ecause of the shadow. I feel that the shadow helps the person who is $iewing it understand exactly what it is. If it didn't ha$e the shadow, then it would !e *uite a dull image.

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In my opinion, I would say this was the best image that I took for my out of focus shots I found it !uite hard to take a good image which is out of focus, because the ma"ority of the time, out of focus pictures are considered trash #s you can see, I took an image of a hand, with a shadow in the foreground I felt that there was a good amount of lighting make it look okay too $his is because it was took in a lift, and lifts ha%e good lighting $he thing I would ha%e probably done differently would be to make it less out of focus, because I think it would ha%e looked better with more features to the hand I also think that it would ha%e looked a little better if I mo%ed a little to the left so I could ha%e more of the shadow in

( o$ement)

Explain the experiments you did and your findings With these images to the right, I was experimenting how it would loo" with mo$ement in the images. #here is two ways to do this, and each one of these images shows the differences a!out how you can do it. For the top image, I literally (ust mo$ed the camera on purpose whilst ta"ing the photo. With the second photo, I changed the shutter speed to slow, and !ecause your hands can't naturally hold a camera still for $ery long at all, it made the image of sha"en. It also gi$es it a !it of !lurriness. #al" a!out the results you got I thin" that the results I got wor"ed o"ay. #hey were a!le to show !oth ways of capturing mo$ement within a photo, which is exactly what I was wanting to get. I thin" that they could ha$e !een !etter, more interesting photos to show the two different ways of mo$ement though.

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&ut of the two images that I took, I would say that this was the best because it shows the techni!ue perfectly $his shows the mo%ement in the image which is exactly what I wanted 'ou can still see what it is, and how the camera has been shaken to make it look blurred $o make this image better, it would ha%e been nice to ha%e had a lot of people on the stairs, and see how all the people will ha%e come out from this mo%ement picture

Explain the experiments you did and your findings With the three pictures to the right, I was trying to capture a reflection of something !y ta"ing a picture of something that reflects, such as the ac, a puddle, a mirror, or glass. As you can see, the top image is of me ta"ing a picture of myself through the reflection on the ac. #he middle image was ta"en a few months ago outside #esco of a puddle reflecting the #esco sign, and the !ottom picture is of a chewing gum !in, which is a nice reflecti$e sil$er colour. I found that there is plenty of different things that you can find that reflect image off which I *uite good !ecause it meant I was a!le to get a few $ariations of reflection. #al" a!out the results you got I felt li"e the top image had a good reflection of me in it, !ut the surrounding of the ac seemed to !e $ery !right, which I pro!a!ly down to the lighting of the room. It wor"ed well with the fact that it made the reflection a lot more clearer to see, !ut you can not really see what I am ta"ing the reflection from, unless you "new the Apple logo on the !ottom of the ac. #he middle picture is pro!a!ly me fa$ourite of the three. ,ecause it was dar", the lights from the #esco logo stood out dramatically, and the lights under the logo were !rightened up for some reason. -sually they are (ust a regular light colour, !ut they seem to ha$e come up green on this picture. I li"e how I was a!le to get the original logo in as well as the reflection in the puddle. In the other images I was not a!le to do that. #he puddle also made the logo $ery clear. #he last image was me ta"ing a picture of the sil$er chewing gum !in, and !een a!le to capture me, and .icola in that. #he good thing a!out this, was that there was two different "ind of reflections on it. #here was a circle in the middle which seemed to ma"e you smaller, and then on the outside of the circle, there was the reflection that made you loo" a lot !igger.

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I chose this as my fa%ourite image out of the three that I took, because of a few reasons I liked how it showed the reflection of the $esco logo in the puddle, but at the same time, I was able to capture the actual $esco logo in the same image I felt that if you could only see the reflection in the puddle, it would ha%e "ust looked weird 'ou would not ha%e been able to see where the reflection was coming from, but with the actual logo in it, you know $he only thing I would ha%e changed about this photo, is the si(e of the puddle, and the angle it was on If the puddle was bigger, I would been able to get the whole logo in, and if it was angled more


Explain the experiments you did and your findings With the photomontage experiment, what I did was ta"e many small images of .icola, and put them all together. In order to do this, you ha$e to ta"e small pictures of small parts which o$erlap in some way, and then put them all in to &hotoshop. /ou then tell &hotoshop to merge the layers, and e$entually it creates a !ig picture out of all the smaller images you too" earlier. It is li"e a (igsaw. O!$iously, with this the only one I did, I would say it is my fa$ourite, although, I did do $ariations of this one, !ut for some reason they all came out exactly the same. #al" a!out the results you got I thin" that this photomontage I created came out really well. I was a!le to get the whole of .icola in it !y ta"ing many little pictures. /ou can also see where they (oin up too. I thin" this is good !ecause if you didn't ha$e that, it would (ust loo" li"e an ordinary picture. #here is also a couple of pictures with different lightings which I li"e a!out it too. #he thing I would pro!a!ly change a!out the photomontage I created, would pro!a!ly !e to get the whole of the feet in, !ut apart from that, I am *uite happy with it.

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