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BSNL Nodal Officers Target Report Generation Web Application

A Presentation on This Project done at BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.) Shimla-171006 During Industrial Training
By: Manoj Kumar(5096)


Project Overview Architecture Design Languages Description Project DFDs Project Modules Advantages Scope & Conclusion

Project Overview
Project Statement
To provide a web application that allows officers to enter and retrieve the target report data in an efficient, fast, accurate and secure manner at any time over internet or intranet. The privacy and security in this application is due to two factors: Authentication Authorization

Architecture Design

The diagram shows 3-tier type of architecture

Architecture Design

Tier 1: User Application Or Presentation View Tier 2: Middle Tier Or Logic View Tier 3: Data Access Layer Or Data View

Architecture Design : Presentation View

It is the user interface level & its main function is to translate tasks into user understandable form.

Architecture Design : Logic View

The logic tier is pulled out from the presentation tier and, as its own layer, it controls an applications functionality by performing detailed processing.

Architecture Design : Data View

This tier consists of database information is stored and retrieved.



This tier keeps data neutral and independent from application servers or business logic. Giving data its own tier also improves scalability and performance.

Languages Description
PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor )
Open-Source Language for web-development PHP code is embedded into the HTML source document and interpreted by a web server Object-Oriented Used for static and dynamic web-development

Languages Description
Its a RDBMS(relational database management system) Command-line tools is used for performing tasks Some other third-party proprietary and free graphical administration applications (or "Frontends") are available that integrate with MySQL

Project DFDs
Report Generation Order DFD: -

Project DFDs
Entry Level & View Level DFD: -

Project Modules
This Projects Consists Of Eight(8) Modules: Welcome/Login Home BD Section Ent. Section Fixed Access Section Mob. Section Download Report Help


Automated system. User friendly and easy to use. Information security and privacy feature enabled. No illegal access, fast, efficient and reliable.

Scope & Conclusion

Scope: This web application is efficient, fast, accurate and secure, even the web application will generate great scope for the future when some modifications will be made to the website. However, as such this project may not be useful in other real life aspects but we can modify it to our needs and can be used where ever we want.

Scope & Conclusion

Conclusion: The web application has been carried out successfully. The project is error free and tested with different types of inputs. The project could be easily modified with the future enhancement, so that the improvements in their business. All the necessary documentation has been done for the ease of operating system. All the modules tested and put together to form the main system.

Special Thanks & Regards to Mr. Mohit Chandel (Our Project Guide)