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Collision Avoidance Evasive Manoeuvers

This lesson will focus on safe and responsible driving to avoid collisions by studying basic evasive manoeuvers. It will also focus on detection and recovery from skidding and sliding.

Brake! But if it still appears that you will crash into them, use the ____________.

You are traveling at 80 KM/PH, if this truck turns right, what would you do?

Be prepared! Large vehicles will often pull out, causing you to slow down for them.

Will a car be attempting to pass it up?

What should you be searching for when you see a large, on-coming truck?

If you have Dont over react. to swerve Usually slight to theonly right to turn of the steering avoid a head-on is much necessary How should Also, if possible you turn the keep the left tires steering wheel? on the pavement.


again use the shoulder

If a vehicle began passing that truck coming right at you, what would you do?

Especially watch for passing on hills when your sight distance is reduced.

If someone began passing you right now, what would you do?
Brake and move over as much as possible to the right.

What should you do in this situation?

What should you do in this situation?

Ease off accelerator, then gradually turn the wheels back onto pavement. Do not brake hard and do not jerk the wheel to the left.

If youre not paying attention and you drop your wheels onto the shoulder, what should you do and not do?

Braking Techniques
Controlled (Threshold Braking) - applying your brakes hard enough to slow the vehicle without locking up the brakes. If wheels do lock, ease off brake enough to allow wheels to roll again. Continue with technique until stopped. ABS Braking - uses a computer to prevent wheels from locking up. Press down hard on brake pedal. You will feel pulses or hear clicking. Continue holding pedal down until you stop. Steering is possible because wheels continue to move.

You are not paying attention as this curve approaches. Your back end begins skidding to the right. You have antilock brakes (ABS). What do you do?

Hold the brake pedal down hard, while steering quickly to the right. Also, be ready to counter steer while keeping your eyes focused on where you want to go.

Skidding not using brakes without ABS

Skidding not using brakes without ABS

Skidding with ABS

Skidding with ABS

Adjusting Driver Behaviour For different driving conditions

Everything is harder to see.

What effect STOP would a make dirty It would windshield everything andmuch have with harder to see THINK sun glare?

What are some problems associated with sun glare?

What could she do to minimize the direct sun glare?

Drop the sun visor.

Also, be aware of sun glare upon drivers when you are a pedestrian. Its likely this driver would have a hard time seeing you if you were to begin crossing the street.

As the sun begins to set, dont forget to________________________.

In some open field areas, high winds could cause dust over the road causing a slippery situation.

What are some things you should remember about driving in fog?
Use low beam lights Reduce speed Increase following distance If very bad get off road

In Motion magazine, a General Motors publication

Where is it more likely to be foggy?

In low lying areas, costal regions and by lakes.

Sometimes it can be very thickslow down!

What factor here can cause a loss of traction?

Especially around curves, reduce your speed.

Driving hot/windy weather What are in some problems that can occur with very high winds?
Avoid driving taller vehicles like recreational campers or trucks because they have a greater susceptibility to tipping in strong winds.

Even smaller vehicles can be pushed into an on-coming lane. Also, be aware of the wind created by large trucks as they pass by.

Driving in Rain

Also, in rainy weather you must use your __________.

What about your following distance in rainy weather?

Double or triple it.

What is a problem following large trucks in rainy weather?

Their large tires throw it all on our windshield. Be sure you have a good supply of window washer.

What is a problem following large trucks in rainy weather?

Sometimes it can really be difficult to see!

Roadways are most slippery when it:

Roads accumulate dirt and oil which mix with the first few minutes of a rain causing a pasty gooey substance that is very slippery. After some heavier rain, this summer ice is washed away. Be careful of sudden movements with the steering wheel, quick acceleration, or hard braking.

Driving in Rain

What is important to remember when going through shallow water?

Hydroplaning is possible. Keep moving slowly.

What is important to remember when approaching deeper water?

Keep moving slowly Dry your brakes when through the deep water

How do you dry wet brakes?

- one foot on gasone foot applying pressure to brake

Strategies in the Snow

Strategies in the Snow

Perhaps the most important thing about driving in snow is to __________________________

Also be aware that snow storms may obscure traffic signs. What is this?

On this one way street what are you searching for?

Cars or pedestrians obscured behind large snow piles.

Youre turning right at the intersection. What is a concern that you have?

The slippery turning surface. Also, is another car coming?

Slow down before the turn, more than you feel is necessary. Then, coast around the turn (stay off gas and brake). Do not accelerate until you straighten out.

What are three important things you must do to make this right turn safely?

You are on a wet road intending to turn right. What do you notice about the turning surface?

Should this car attempt to pull out quickly, it would probably ________its wheels.

We are also on STOP a very surface. Veryslick gradually, How and should otherwise weyou will accelerate when spin our wheels. THINK its clear?

With the slippery pavement, what are you anticipating as the light turns yellow?

If you get stuck in deep snow, what should you try to do to get unstuck?
Rock the car, shifting from drive to reverse.

Review timehow much do you remember?

1) If on an icy road your back end begins skidding to the left, you should turn the wheel to the _____. If you have ABS you should hold the brake pedal down __________ 1)2) True or False: When using anti-lock brakes (ABS) on icy roads, pump the brakes for greater effectiveness. ______ 1)3) Your right wheels drop off onto the shoulder, what should you do: ___________________________________ 1)4) On higher speed two lane roads, what should you be searching for as you approach hills: ___________________ 1)5) If a vehicle does pull out in front of you from a driveway you should ______and if necessary use the _____________ 6) On higher speed two lane roads, what should you be searching for as a large truck approaches: ____________________________________________ 1)7) A car is coming right at you in your lane, (its passing a truck), what should you do to avoid a head-on collision? _____________________________________________

1)8) As the sun begins to set, dont forget to: ______________ 9) What effect would a dirty windshield have with sun glare? _____________________________ 10) What about your following distance in rainy weather?__________________________________ 1)11) Roadways are most slippery when it ________________

12) True or False: If its raining use low beam lights and at least double your following distance. _____
13) Where is it more likely to be foggy?_________________ 1)14) Two things to remember when driving in fog: _______________________________________ 15) In some open field areas, high winds could cause dust over the road causing a ____________________.

Collision Avoidance / Evasive Manoeuvers

Adjusting Driver Behaviour For different driving conditions

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