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Training and development is a subsystem of an organization.

It ensures that randomness is reduced and learning or behavioural change takes place in structured format.

Preparing both the old & new employees to meet the present as well as the changing requirements of the job & the organization. Preventing obsolescence. Preparing employees for the higher-level tasks. Ensuring smooth & efficient working of the department. Ensuring economical output of the required quality. Imparting knowledge & skills for new entrants. Induction Updating Preparing for future assignments Competency development.


the job training On-the-job training


the training needs through job description, performance appraisal

potential appraisal and discussion with employees Prepare a training calendar in discussion with the managers concerned Define the training objectives specifically Select the efficient faculty

Training is often referred to as importing specific skills

Development on the other hand is often focused at overall development of personality They focus on aspects like leadership skills, managing teams, problem solving, decision making , people skills, time management, etc

The focus is on improvement in performance after training.


to this study investigation was conducted for some definite purpose with the help of a structural & personal interview to gather primary information as much as possible than the most appropriate research design for the study is descriptive research design.

sample size taken for this study is 100 employees covering all the departments of the organization.

Due to restriction to enter into some of the departments at BSNL I could not cover some of the aspects required for my study Interaction with the company executive was limited due to their busy schedule. The information collected is mainly primary data and the accuracy is subject to the responses received.

Both primary and secondary information was used. Primary data Secondary data


data is the first hand information; the questionnaire was prepared by me in the study.


was collected from the website of the company, and the compaby personnel, certain reports from the HR department.


helps to increase productivity and achieve the goals of the organization Training programs are well planned in the organization The training programs are not evaluated periodically. The quality of training programs in the organization is excellent..



should aim to narrow down the gap between expected level of performance and the actual level of performance Training program should evaluate the abilities, competencies and potentials of the trainees for a particular job or work skills.

According to the study conducted we can conclude that the overall satisfaction level of employees in relation to the training programs is moderate.The employees agree that the training programs helps to increase productivity and achieve the organizational goal.