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Rebecca Taggart


Effeminate body
Narrow shoulders Fleshy chest Swelling thighs Pendulous abdomen Full buttocks Spindly limbs Scrawny neck

Hanging chin Thick lips Sunken cheeks Slanty eyes


Father Amenhotep III Mother Queen Tiye (The Great Royal Wife) Principal wife Nefertiti
6 Daughters

with Kiya Women

1 Daughter

?Son? Tutankamen

(r.1372-1355 BCE) 18 years 10th king of the 18th dynasty, New

Kingdom Art (Amarna style), Architecture, and Religion of Egypt were marked by rapid change Amarna Letters
Neglected foreign policy and allowed the Egyptian

empire in the western Asia erode away


year: Ambitious building project at Karnak temple

Cult center for Aten (solar deity) He had a penchant for novelty and display

2 crucial and iconoclastic decisions Led to name change from Amenhotep Amun is

satisfied to Akhenaten Beneficial for Aten New capital city called Akhetaten Horizon of the Aten (site known as Al-Amarna in Middle Egypt)


religion not new to Egypt

Fathers reign: Aten

was significant

promotion of the worship of Aten

Reliefs and Steles

showing the family worshipping and making offerings

New Capital revolution from

above aimed at reasserting the pharaohs absolute authority over the elite Swept away old cults eliminating their priests and with this established families who supplied the officials of the bureaucracy Supposed to be the resting place of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their eldest daughter


12: major international festival Soon after family deaths: mother and up to 3 of my daughters (?plague?) Foreign Relations:
Amarna Letters
Also in Year 12 coregency with Ankhkheperure

Smenkhkare (married daughter Meryetaten)


17 dies


of the familys bodies During King Tutankhamen's reign:

Went back to Memphis Officially sanctioned of uprooting everything of

Akhenaten Works at Karnak Official buildings and Akhetaten Names hacked off reliefs His reign excised from public record/Kings Lists

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