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GPS HSE Management System

Emergency Exists
Fire Alarms and Evacuation
Toilets and Breaks
First Aid Facilities
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Safety Movement

South Korea (4

While a contractor worker was working to eliminate the rust on 1 inch
piping with a power brush before painting. The worker was wearing a
neck muff to keep warm from cold weather. The neck muff rolled in to the
power wire brush and the victim was suffocated by being strangled his
respiratory tract by the muff around the neck, immediately CPR (Cardio
Pulmonary Resuscitation) and AED(Automated External Defibrillator)
was done at the location and later was taken to hospital where he was
declared dead.

GPS HSE Management System
GPS HSE Management System is developed in line with the
PDOs/OPALs requirements
HSE MS Manual was developed by a team of experts and is reviewed
periodically with improvements effected as required to align with changes in
national/International HSE standards. A Dedicated team of HSE
professionals are supervising / monitoring the implementation on a day-to-
day basis
GPS is now a ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company
Elements covered by the GPS HSE Management System are :
Element 1 Leadership & Commitment
Element 2 Policy & Strategic Objectives
Element 3 Organization & Responsibilities, Resources, Standards &
Element 4 Hazard & Effects Management Process (HEMP)
Element 5 Planning & Procedures
Element 6 Implementation, Monitoring & Corrective Actions
Element 7 Audit & Inspections
Element 8 Management Review
GPS HSE Management System
Following BP- Golden Rules will be in compliance
Permit to work
Energy Isolation
Ground disturbance
Confined Space Entry
Working at Height
Lifting Operations
Driving Safety
Management of Change

GPS HSE Management System
All Site Visitors are required to adhere to the BP HSE & PPE requirements when
visiting sites. (Such as access permit where required, Site orientation by Site HSE
Advisor, Compliance to PPE requirements , intimation to work site supervisor
before entering his site etc.)
HSE Induction will be given to all employees before mobilization
PTW system will be complied where applicable.
All vehicles and plant deployed for this project will be meeting BPs requirements
Road Worthiness Standards (RAS) inspections for all vehicles will be ensured ,
IVMS will be fitted on vehicles and monitored.
Safe Journey Management System will be ensured, Road Safety Officers will be
deployed to ensure road safety.
Night Driving and Night works are not allowed in GPS operation except in
emergencies with the permission from BP authorities.

GPS HSE Management System

Regular Management visits / HSE Audits and inspections are conducted to ensure
the proper implementation of HSE management system on projects

Apart from HSE Induction other HSE Training as per BP requirements will be
ensured before mobilization/Soon after the mobilization to site.

GPS has the Monthly HSE Incentive Scheme on this project (Best Driver/Operator,
Best Safety Man, Best Suggestion and Best Stop Card/Observation originator are

STOP/Safety Observation /reporting programme will be followed on this project

GSMs or Thuraya phones will be provided to staff to maintain communications at
all time
GPS HSE Management System
The Key Focus areas /challenges to sustain HSE MS on GPS
Projects shall be the following :
a) Achieve Goal Zero:
By demonstrating visible, caring, and firm leadership at all
By focusing on Road Safety Standards/Safe Driving practices
and IVMS monitoring
By focusing on competency assessment & training of HSE
Critical positions.
By focusing on strict compliance to Life Saving Rules and
Golden rules
(Comply, Respect & Intervene).
By increasing the awareness of employees through cascading
in TBT, HSE meetings & Drivers forums.
By continuous monitoring at sites for effective
By teamwork (effective involvement of senior & other line
By displaying HSE messages through Posters/

GPS HSE Management System
b) Improve hazard identification skills; enhance HSE competence
& awareness of all staff:

By organizing hazard awareness training program/workshops.
By conducting regular site Audits/inspection by line
By conducting periodic Hazards Hunt by the staff on the sites to
improve hazards identification skills.
By organizing dedicated TBT sessions for all supervisors on
conducting effective TBT
By conducting behavior based safety programme
STOP/Observation tours.
By assessment of Drivers/ HSE Critical positions.
By analyzing IVMS reports and taking corrective /preventive
actions where required.
By ensuring the Road Safety requirements as per OPAL
Upstream Operators Road Safety Standard (OPAL-STD-HSE-01).

GPS HSE Management System

c) Focus on peoples behavior and motivate them to build positive
attitude/approach towards HSE:

By frequent site visits and interaction with site team by the
senior management.
By involvement of line management in HSE
meetings/forums/investigations/risk control measures etc.
By motivation to site team through suitable rewards (milestone
achievements/monthly incentives).
By conducting competence assessment of HSE critical
positions & Drivers.
By empowering all employees to stop unsafe act/conditions.
By effective disciplinary action against HSE defaulters and LSR

GPS HSE Management System

d) Ensure employee wellness and well being:
By providing well equipped clinic in the camps.
By ensuring fit to work medical exams for all employees.
By employees involvements in sports (Indoor/Out door) and
other cultural/social activities.
By monitoring health and hygiene conditions in the camps.
By organizing food safety training for kitchen staff.
By PPT presentation on Health related topics (Heat
stress/Noise/Dust etc.)
By organizing Mass Housekeeping in camps/work sites
By displaying environmental/health posters
By ensuring proper disposal of all types of waste
By periodic water sampling/analyzing for drinking purpose.

Proper Journey Management (JM) during mobilization phase is
key to safe and timely completion.
Journey Management procedures will be put in place
immediately giving route details/rest areas/speed limits
/emergency response etc.
Any Movement of resources from Coast to Site will be through
proper JM controlled by Coastal Journey Managers.
Site based Journey Manager will be established immediately
with first mobilisation.
Manpower movement after establishment from Coast to
QarnAlam will be in Public transport.
Daily Bus shuttle will be provided from QarnAlam to Block 61
Contractor camp.
Thuraya Phone will be provided to the Bus driver to maintain
communication at all times.

Journey Management & Communication
2009 2010 2011 2012
2013 up to
1. Total Man Hours Worked 15209150 18159944 19302288 16794684 16579077
2. Total KMs Driven 14590133 17744863 19699786 15630389 15675776
3 No. of LTIs One 1 Zero 1 Zero
4. LTI Frequency 0.13 0.05 0.05 0.05 Zero
5. No. of Fatalities One Zero 1 Zero Zero
6. No. of Road Traffic Accidents 6 2 3 1 4
Road Traffic Accident
0.41 0.11 0.15 0.06 0.26
8. Journey Management Index 0.96 0.97 1.02 0.93 0.95
9. Total Recordable Cases 2 1 3 1 1
Total Recordable Case
0.13 0.01 0.15 0.05 0.06
11. TROI 0 0 0 Zero Zero
12. NAD 0 0 2 2 2
HSE Performance Indicators/Targets - 2008-2013 (Year to Date)