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Carla Mercedes Zayas Zayas
This e-portfolio has made to summarize the experiences that has
involved during the practice, taking from the beginning aspects like
studies until now and also to share the methodology and techniques
that it was used to develop the practices including some activities to
perform during the classes and develop the language and listening
skills. This is a project of portfolio that it has a benefit, supporting the
knowledge of the experiences in teaching, the development during
the practice, the commitment not only with the institution, but also
with the students at the moment to share/develop the class.

Carla Mercedes Zayas Zayas. 24 four years old. From 1
to 9
grade she
studied in C.E. Manuela Edelmira Cordova located in Usulutn city from
1997 to 2005; graduated from high school from 2006 to 2008 in Colegio
Cristiano Prf. Justo Gonzalez Carrazco in Usulutn and then in 2009 she
started the superior studies in Capitan General Gerardo Barrios Usulutn
starting a technician in English/Spanish and now finishing the Bachelor
Degree in English.
Social Service

A Recognized
from C.E
Jardines del Rio
during the
social service.
Working with
students from
to 9
she made 500
hours of service.
-First congress of science
and Humanities in 2011,
the topic was Humanism
and the development of
competences; challenges
for the 21st century
students where
technologies has the main
dominant challenge that
makes clear how students
are going through out
with the new technologies,
how useful is for teachers
to develop easily a topic
and make the students
interact more with the
technology as a tool not
only as an entertainment.
The work started with 36 students from 11
grade from Instituto Nacional de
Usulutn oriented in health, five hours per week, 45 minutes each class. The
practice consisted in to plan every class by using outline, planning, lesson plan per
each class guided by the syllabus and MINED program.
Students were studying English as a subject but with their background knowledge
it was a lot of problem as pronunciation, miss spelling words, grammatical rules,
etc. but there was a miss understanding while they describe something or someone.
From the 36 students, 8 of them were making mistakes with syntax or the order of
word at the time to describe; showing them several examples (several explanations
in Spanish), group work(couples, threesome, etc.); face to face exercises and funny
videos to catch their attention easily helped a lot to them to understand the order of
adjectives in English.

The methodology I used:
The communicative approach of teaching English that is a method that overtook
older and more traditional methods such as the grammar-translation method.

Audio-lingual method
Communicative Language
Language immersion
Direct Method

Many philosophers enjoy the challenge of motivating students to rethink
parochial opinions they have absorbed while growing up. (Bayer, 2009)

Typically the statement of teaching philosophy should be a brief statement
about your views in relation to your assumptions, attitudes and expectations
toward your responsibilities and obligations as a teacher and how this impacts
on your approach to teaching.
Im didnt teach only my point of view about English, I wanted to share what I
have learned, how I learned it, why they should try to find their purpose for
learn this not only as a subject but also as a tool in daily life.

Expositions: the direct
Songs: Audio-
lingual method
Works in pairs,
groups: Grammar
Translation Method

The experiences or the process in teaching with the different types of
work has done, the short terms was successfully achieved in order to the
plan of 40 hours. The degree in English is oriented for the education, it
means that the worked or the practice done has taken the part of share,
communicate and change my mind into a better teacher, more than that,
to change the behavior and try to make more enjoyable the learning
process of this subject, but also to improve my skills as a teacher and a