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Every person in this world has

important people,
possessions, or goals in
his/her life. In a five
paragraph essay, explain the
three most important things in
your life.


Body Paragraphs (3 total, usually)

Attention Grabber
It must get the audiences attention but also
introduce the general subject of the essay.

General to Specific
Now you move from your general subject to more
specifics about the subject.

Thesis Statement
3-4 Points that your paper will cover.
This is the most specific sentence in the

All people in this world, rich, poor,
young, or old, have something they find
important to them. These important
things, whether family, friends,
possessions, or goals, make people who
they are. They provide personal
happiness. They motivate people to make
more of themselves. They even make us
proud to be who we are. Looking back on
my life, the most important things have
often changed for me. Right now in my
life, the most important things are
_______________ , _____________________,
and ____________________ .
Topic Sentence

Specific Details
You need 2-5 specific details (a safe number is 3)
For each detail, you MUST explain it clearly.
For this reason, many specific details involve more than
one sentence.

Conclusion Sentence
You must close the paragraph out with reference to the
topic of the paragraph and the subject of the essay.
Writing Thats why sounds lazy.
For my entire life, my family has been
important. That fact has not changed
today, either. My family provides support
for me when I need it. For instance, when I
spent ten days in the hospital over
Christmas in 2004, my family came and
visited every day. My family also pushes
me in a positive direction. Aunts, uncles,
brothers, and parents, have always
encouraged me to do well and make my
life great. Finally, my family is important
because they are enjoyable. We vacation
every year together, and we get together
almost every weekend. I do not know
where I would be without my family.
Sample Body Paragraph: Family
The order of the conclusion will vary, but you
always need to do the following:

Restate your thesis from your introduction.

Summarize your major points from your body

Bring the paper to closure by
Raising a question related to the subject
Challenge the reader to think or to do something
Connect the overall issue to a famous quote or idea

As I move through life, I am certain
my family, friends, and career will remain
central and most important. My family
might change, but the support, positivity,
and enjoyment I receive from them will
never change. My friends, although
secondary to family, will always provide me
with a source of camaraderie, amusement,
and escape. Finally, my career is the fuel
for my finances, my goals, and my
professional fulfillment. Keeping the
important things in my life in mind is not a
difficult thing for me; its simply a part of
my life and who I am. My life will change,
people will change, and the world will
change. I just know the important things
in my life will not change.