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A Conflict between Korea and Taiwan

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Case of sport
Because the first senior official who
called the socks into question was
Chinese, and it was a Chinese athlete who
later won the competition, the anger was
initially aimed at China.

A row over Tea kwon do touched off anti-Korean protests in Taiwan

At the Asian Games in Chinas
Guangzhou, the Taiwanese athlete
Yang Shu-chun was disqualified over
allegations that she wore extra
scoring sensors in her socks.

Taiwanese have been up in arms.
November, 18, 2010 CNN
But after Taiwans lawmakers and the media put the blame on
the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)s secretary-general, a
South Korean, and the referee, a Filipino of Korean descent, the
fury then turned against South Korea.
Case of sport
Case of sport
2013 World Baseball Classic
When Taiwanese people enter a baseball
stadium and especially if their opponent is
Korea, they show strong hostility beyond
patriotism. This WBC match was not

Bangda gaoli was just mild. There was
even a banner that says kill Koreans,
and some fans brought portraits of the
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with
August, 06, 2013
Case of sport
Taiwans some media plays an important role in promoting the anti-Korean
phenomena in Taiwan. It was a newspaper company who distributed the
bangda gaoli banners.
[Taiwan election advertisement]
Case of Politics
Case of Entertainment

humbled about Gangnam style of SPY
He said Chinese entertainers have to cooperate each other
for restrain Korean wave ()
December, 05, 2012 SINA
Case of Entertainment

Which has developed into anti - Korean sentiment there for a personal reason
hot water burns from a kettle in a hotel room in Seoul two years ago
Kuo Tzu-chien, a famous comedian in
Taiwan, is leading a protest against
Koreas judiciary,
October, 05, 2013 Focus Taiwan
Taiwan, or the historic KMT-ruled Republic of China, had
never fought a war with Korea. Theres no real sovereignty
dispute between Seoul and Taipei, nor has Taiwan been
flooded by Koreans immigrants.
Historical relationship between Korea and Taiwan
Seouls announcement of formal recognition of the
Peoples Republic of China in 1992 is often cited by the
Taiwanese as the point in history where the aversion
Historical relationship between Korea and Taiwan
South Korea was the last Asian country that had official
diplomatic relations with the Republic of China. When Taipei found
out that Korea secretly prepared to switch recognition to Beijing,
it severed diplomatic relations with South Korea.
Historical relationship between Korea and Taiwan

That is because prior to the diplomatic split, to the
Taiwanese, the Republic of China and South Korea -both
divided countries- had been something like blood brothers
resisting the communist threat as the common enemy.
Historical relationship between Korea and Taiwan

Despite the conflicts, it doesnt represent vi
ewpoints of all Taiwanese people
Korea and Taiwan are having cooperation, b
uilding bridges in many ways
Strong economic ties
Frequent cultural exchanges
Korean pop culture is enjoying a mainstrea
m success in Taiwan

New Taiwanese campaign targets South Ko
rean tourists

(Channel NewsAsia) May 14, 2014
New tourism campaigns are being created to tar
get South Korean visitors, prompted by concerns
that they are staying away after the Sewol ferry
disaster last month, Taiwan Tourism Bureau said.
The bureau said it would send a delegation to S
outh Korea to discuss better promotional campai
gns with tour agencies. South Koreans visitor nu
mbers to Taiwan reached about 150,000 during t
he first quarter of this year, 91.42 percent growt
h from a year ago.
Korean drama series are on Taiwanese television channel and enjoying a gre
at success with high ratings. It promotes the Korean culture which receive ve
ry great reactions as related business such as the original soundtrack, costu
mes and quotes are massive hits, even events featuring Korean actors are so
ld out, bringing business opportunities.
This is news about a charity baseball match held in Taiwan, betwe
en Team Korea and Team Taiwan. Both are Star teams, which me
mbers are all actors, artists and performers. This match aims to ra
ise fund for autistic children in Taiwan, organized by The Tourism
Bureau of the Republic of China.
Trade between Tai
wan and South Ko
rea has grown fro
m US$3.5 billion i
n 1992 to US$26.7
billion in 2010.
South Korea remai
ns the 5
largest t
rading partner
Taiwan is South K
oreas 9
largest tr
ading partner

93 universities in Taiwan have formed sister school agreements with 196 schools in Sout
h Korea.
Universities in Korea such as Hankuk University of Foreign Studies , Anyang University a
nd Hallym University established Institutes for Taiwan Studies providing seminars and w
Universities in Taiwan also provide courses of Korean studies, and even institute for Kore
an language, such as National Chengchi University.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started a Working Holiday Scheme
, allow Taiwanese and South Korean nationals aged 18 to 30 to p
articipate. They provide 400 quotas every year. Visa is free.

Saranghae~ Taiwan! Best Friends Forever concert was he
ld by Korea Tourism Organization and Arirang TV. This co
ncert has become annual event, performed by Taiwanese
and Korean artists. Korean wave is extremely popular in
Famous Korean music program M COUNTDOWN started a global tour which would held and
record show in different countries, include Taiwan. Its called M Countdown Nihao-Taiwan, hel
d in the famous Taipei Arena (), filled by more than 10,000 audience, showing the p
opularity of Korean pop music in Taiwan