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Deep Space Network @ Home
Current News
The BOINC Server (and webserver) are readly to be set
up for web hosting.
The domain name is not yet tied to the BOINC server or
webserver, there is some onward DNS work to be done.
There is much work to do ...
NASA's Deep Space Network : 50
Anniversary in 2014
Deep Space Network @ Home
DSN @ Home would be happier to use :
What are FFTs?
FFTs aka Fast Fourier Transforms...
Interception of New Horizons & Voyager spacecraft telemetry is
important and will be important for decades

These spacecraft in the
Outer Solar System are
the only ones capable of
transmitting back
Plasma and
Electromagnetic Wave
measurements of this
The US is nearing a permanent financial default
George Lakoff (a US political communication expert) points out that when a politician
says Not X -- people usually think of X!

GL : I wrote a book called, Dont Think of an Elephant! ... The title made a basic
point : Negating a [reference] frame activates that [reference] frame.
GL : Nixon found out when he said, I am not a crook, which made people think of
him as a crook.

The President said (September 21, 2013) :
This is the United States of America were not some banana republic, this is not a
deadbeat nation, we dont run out on our tab. [] We cant just not pay our bills.
So to interpret this as anything other than the US will default on its debts at all levels
and is beyond totally bankrupt is beyond impossible.
Where are the Voyager Signals? (Look for the tall signal spike...)
Target reception frequencies
Voyager I (Craft 31)
8,414,995,272.530 Hz (Titan)
8,414,995,272.376 Hz (Saturn)
Voyager II (Craft 32)
8,420,430,593.447 Hz (Jupiter)
8,420,430,462.000 Hz (Saturn)
8,420,430,456.100 Hz (Uranus)
8,420,430,398.420 Hz (Neptune)
Sampling formats
The CCSDS supports 64 kbs at 32 bits
(floating point) x N Subnet dishes ...
Both craft have a downward frequency

There are 2 downlink frequencies for
each craft.
Each craft has 2 downlink transmitters in
2 different CCSDS bands
Greater Adelaide, South Australia, South Pacific must see and do...
So the US funded part of the Deep Space Network (DSN) will be shut down
immediately pending alternate funding and immigration of key personnel ...
The shutdown of NASA's DSN would
be a terrible situation.

This kind of shutdown should be
avoided, but it may be impossible to
avoid it in future.

Private (non-profit) organizations (like
DSN @ Home) need to step in and take
over the interception and decoding of
Deep Space Telemetry from the
affected missions

Deep Horizons (Pluto)
Voyager I (heliosphere)
Voyager II (heliosphere)
Non DSN interception of Deep Space Telemetry is possible

Voyager I (Allen Telescope Array)
Not all NASA or ESA missions disclose full telemetry downlink information !

Independent Telemetry decoding projects are at a forced disadvantage
The Voyager Program (heliosphere)
does disclose some very terse
telemetry information.
The documents (historical & current)
that would allow one to decode the
V1 & V2 telemetry have never been
made public.
The Voyager Program telemetry
update pages has disclosed some
ancillary telemetry information, but
not enough to even find the data
signal in the background noise of the
Interstellar Medium (ISM).
The Cassini Mission (Saturn) in a very
similar position has had only three
overall telemetry state releases
overall (2012 - 2014).
The Juno Mission (Jupiter) disclosure
of telemetry information has only
occurred in late Fall 2013.
There is no Juno email list providing
weekly telemetry updates!
New Horizons (NH, Pluto) telemetry
releases are non-existent.
It is impossible to ascertain if the NH
downlink segment can be optimized
similar to Galileo mission.
Corruption? The NASA Mars Climate Modelling Group has never participated with or any distributed computing climate project ...
Non DSN interception of Deep Space Telemetry is possible
Deep Horizons (Allen Telescope Array)
(7 November 2008) SETI Radio Telescopes Track New Horizons
In a successful September 2008 demonstration of its capabilities, the Allen Telescope Array (ATA)
detected transmissions from New Horizons while the spacecraft was more than a billion
kilometres from home.
The ATA is a radio interferometer used for astronomical research and searches for signals of
intelligent, extraterrestrial origin. The ATA is joint effort of the SETI Institute and the Radio
Astronomy Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, its being constructed at the Hat
Creek Radio Observatory in Northern California.
The SETI Institute routinely observes spacecraft such as New Horizons. These craft serve as
excellent test signal sources for confirming the functioning of the SETI signal-detection systems.
Telecom Systems Releases from NASA & CCSDS
Design & Performance Summary Series
The New Horizons Pluto Encounter
Radio Science Experiment
must be covered by all Radio Telescopes available
Telecom Systems Releases :
Design & Performance Summary Series
Voyager Craft Report is 12 years out of date !
Failing to disclose monthly (or fortnightly) Deep Space Network telemetry information
could be interpreted as US governmental corruption
The general public has no real access to
the tools (in software & hardware)
that would allow for the telemetry
from Deep Space Missions Missions
to be decoded

NASA and the ESAs' hoarding of this
information does not help anyone,
least of all the missions in Deep
The private sector needs to have some
opportunity to take over the
decoding of NASA Deep Space
mission telemetry as the US could
declare bankruptcy or insolvency at
any time in future

The US bankruptcy will probably
happen sooner rather than later.
An event like this will shut down most of
NASA's functionality semi-
Telecom Systems Releases :
Design & Performance Summary Series
The Cassini-Hyugens release is 12 years out of date !
BitCoins are nice but ...
For the moment, Deep Space Network @ Home cannot use BitCoins for
technical reasons.
As crypto currencies go, BitCoins are a bizarre and glitchy technology.
Someday such contrivances will work but this year no.
Telecom Systems Releases from NASA & CCSDS (
Design & Performance Summary Series This 2013 release is 2 years late
The most astounding revelation from
reading this dated telecom systems release
: Juno is capable of transmitting more than
its allocated 14k images (same as the
Galileo Mission).

If revised Galileo telecom transmission
methods were developed (in an open source
manner), the Juno mission could output
(nominally) 40500 images.

The failure to disclose information about
Juno's telecom & fully disclose all of the
Galileo Mission telemetry methods has
effectively sabotaged this craft's mission
The New Horizons Pluto Encounter Radio Science Experiment
must be covered by
all available Radio Telescopes capable of NH carrier interception
The only impression many people outside the US have of the US (in Fall 2013) is that
the US is no more than a bankrupt banana republic ...
US Infrastructure Collapse : Don't let West Virginia's Green Bank Radio Telescope
fool you into believing that any scientific research is taking place there ...
In about 40% of US states, no real scientific research it
taking place at all and especially not in WV
In most states: City, County and State governments are
in a state of functional collapse due to corruption or
the intense grip of endemic multigenerational nepotism
and favouritism.
West Virginia is not even able to provide safe drinking
water to its population in its capital city.
Yet bond rating agencies refuse to lower by 25% the
Credit Ratings of all the state's Cities, Counties and
Corporations when the state is clearly totally insolvant.
WV residents should have their Credit Scores lowered
by 33% for permitting the public and private sector
corruption to flourish there.
The US's Science & Engineering Universities have lost the ability to produce
graduates that can function in [or run] a space program
NASAs future : 99% incompetent dullards and dipsticks ...
Private vs Public University distinctions do not matter here
US research Universities & Engineering Schools -- as a matter of
policy -- have implemented a strict regime where only children of
existing doctors and engineers get science and engineering degrees,
especially those with the right political or money connections.
Wealthy foreign students (with connections) do get Science &
Engineering degrees, but only out of most US Universitys need to
cultivate donors.
Except for Science & Engineering students that have 2
[or are foreign students from the beginning] the quality of
undergraduate and graduate engineering students is between dismal
and totally wothless.
The US's Science & Engineering Universities have lost the ability to produce graduates
that can function in [or run] a space program
NASAs future : 99% incompetent dullards and dipsticks ..
Multi-generational American engineering school graduates have
had to be moved into the US finance sector where their damage is
limited to the entirety of the US economy +++
Just being able to pass a US state level engineering qualifications
test does not mean said graduate [or undergraduate] can think
their way out of a paper bag.
The US infrastructure (water, sewer, electricity, cable TV, internet,
roads, bridges) is totally dependant on graduated foreign born
engineering students to function at all.
If foreign born scientists and engineers leave the US, there will
probably be one bridge collapse every fortnight -- and one dam
failure every season.
The New Horizons Pluto Encounter
Radio Science Experiment
must be covered by all Radio Telescopes available
The only existing document relating to this
Radio Science Experiment has not been
updated since 2007
Here it is :
This is a Global Astronomical Alert
type event
Another century may pass before
another Pluto encounter is even
All globally available radio
telescopes must be calibrated and
monitoring New Horizons some 4
months in advance
(Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization)
CSIRO @ Canberra is building & testing new dishes
Visit MOTAT (Auckland, NZ) !
@ MOTAT "Voyager I replica" ...
@ 805 Great North Road
Western Springs
The Differential Analyser is a special type of mechanical analogue
computer based on linking together several wheel and disc
Lord Kelvin invented the first wheel and disc integrators in 1876.
Vanevar Bush built the first full scale differential analyser in 1931
at MIT in the USA.
Douglas Hartree saw the machine, and in 1934 on his return to
Manchester University, set about constructing a small-scale
Meccano model. This machine became the Meccano Differential
Analyser # 1.
The Manchester machine proved so successful that in 1935, J B
Bratt constructed a second example at the Cambridge University
Mathematical Laboratories under the direction of Prof J E
This is the machine currently on display at MOTAT, known as the
Meccano Differential Analyser # 2.
From 1939 - 1946, the military co-opted the machine for their use
and made various improvements to it under the direction of Dr J
In 1950, Dr Harry Whale, who had used the Meccano Differential
Analyser briefly while studying at Cambridge, bought it for 100
and shipped it to New Zealand. There he applied it to his
research at the Seagrove Radio Research Station in Auckland.
Later the Differential Analyser saw service at the Applied
Mathematics Laboratory of the DSIR in Wellington before ending
up at the Wellington Polytechnic.
The differential analyser in operation at MOTAT

In 1973, on its donation to MOTAT, Dr Whale and two students
Kevin Ryan and Darcy Millar got the Differential Analyser
operational again for demonstration purposes.
As the first analogue computer used in New Zealand this
machine has great historical value.
Out of about 15 Meccano Differential Analysers that were
built between 1934 and 1951, MOTAT's is the only working
example in the world.
It takes many different kinds of signal transforms to recover an RF signal at the
boundary between interstellar noise and a recoverable signal
Depending on who gets into power in the US, millions may be killed as part of series of
political purges not since seen since Stalin or Pol Pot or Pinochet was in power ... you
can either have politcal killings or scientific research but not both as it were ...
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said he
would strive to rule like Presiden Lyndon
Johnson (LBJ).
Jeb Bush made those comments at Saint
Leo University while speaking about
education, immigration, and energy policy.
Bush did not refer to Johnsons Great
Society and War on Poverty programs.
He mainly referred to Johnsons mastery
of the so-called sausage-making process
in Congress.
He vowed to approach the presidency as
master of the Senate ...
What this really means : how forign security
intelligence services interprited this
"statement of policy"
FYI: 1200+ people were killed (read politically
assinated) by LBJ (including his own
relitives) on his way to the Presidency and
while President
With declining empires: politcial assination
rates increase exponentially. Hundreds of
thousands or millions of Americans will be
killed, as the presidency has unlimited
"Assination Powers"
Large scale political killings will equal a near
total shutdown of US scientific research +
purgeing scientisis as well !
Recommended reading if you are interested in understanding
Deep Space Telemetry System & Links ...
NASA & ESA Space Mission Telemetry details are kept in ridiculous secrecy

Neither the SETI Institute nor Google Tech Talks (nor the CSIRO) have any hour long
lectures or day long seminars explaining Deep Space Telemetry
Lack of lecture level access to the description
and function of the mission specific CCSDS
packet formats and interception parameters is
just not a good idea or policy.

The restriction of the number of people
knowing the inner functioning of Deep Space
telemetry systems is an unsafe engineering
There is a lot of detail in the modern telemetry
formats, and it would take 168 hours of
lectures to begin to understand the current
It takes many different kinds of signal transforms to recover an RF signal at the
boundary between interstellar noise and a recoverable signal
You really must visit The Faraday Centre
(East Coast Museum of Technology & Science Centre)
@ Historic Tram Shed, Napier, Hawke's Bay, NZ
@ Faraday Street, Napier
@ Thackeray & Carlyle Streets
@ the historical Tram Shed ...

TFC operates in tandem with the Hawke's
Bay Museum.
It takes many different kinds of signal transforms to recover an RF signal at the
boundary between interstellar noise and a recoverable signal
(Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization)
CSIRO @ Canberra is building & testing new dishes
The US Congress will de-fund the Deep Space Network in any future showdown
The Congress has zero no qualms doing so for the National Weather Service (NWS) 'Loss of
life means absolutely Nada' to the US political class
This is the text from the Alaska Section of the NWS asking for its funding to be restored so that it
might function (04 OCT 2013)
It takes many different kinds of signal transforms to recover an RF signal at the
boundary between interstellar noise and a recoverable signal
CSIRO @ Canberra is building & testing new dishes
The US can barely afford to have its own Deep Space Missions telemetry decoded
by its EU and Australian DSN network partners...

Sadly, the picture analogy below could soon be possible
CSIRO @ Canberra is building & testing new dishes

New Zealand has a Radio Telescope (Warkworth, 12m & 30m)

Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory (
Properly functioning governments never ever shut down their own national weather
service in a way this is saying NASA Deep Space Network you are next and US
Treasury Bonds are all Junk at the same time
CSIRO @ Canberra is building & testing new dishes

Infotech Tourist? Visit the Mauritius Radio Telescope
NASA's Deep Space Network has ongoing problems with its current design
NASA's (DSN) science data is being lost
with Voyager I & II missions at the
Madrid, Goldstone and Canberra signal
intercept sites due to rain fades and
reception technology that has poor
global coverage ...
NASA (unlike SETI @ Home) has failed
to innovate by using software to decode
telemetry from Deep Space Missions --
famous for their very weak signals.
NASA uses hardware (and hardware
only) decoding technology. Thus NASA
loses DSN telemetry data all the time.
DSN @ Home can fix most (but not all) of
the Deep Space Networks problems
relating to the Voyager missions -- and
New Horizons.
The US economy is operating under difficult
conditions caused by the role debt now
plays in the economy.
The US economy has what economists call
a case of Hard Debt Saturation
Many US science projects will suffer unless
new ways of thinking about how these
projects are run (and in some cases how
the core science is done).
This is where will lead you (07 October 2013)

This is typical NASA's creepiness & amorality :
NASAs fails to provide any URLs to functioning parts of the agency
NASA (and the ESA) are significantly opposed to citizen science and not a single
person is helped by this

The proof is already in the pudding as there is no website
JPL : No BOINC support there either
It is not just JPL, NASA overall is no help at all...

The ESA is no help as well
European Space Agency : Has no BOINC support with any of its members or
within its own infrastructure ...

Please feel free to pass on to Deep Space Network @ Home any information
you have that shows NASA's (or the ESA's) lack of enthusiasm with respect
to citizen science.
The SETI @ Home Astropulse source code & sampling methods could provide an
initial starting point for Voyager carrier wave recovery [and later telemetry recovery]
but in DSN Subnet Array Mode
Astropulse Dedispersion allows one
to see the true shape of the signal,
but it also reduces the amount of
noise that interferes with the signal's
Because dispersion spreads a signal
out (up to 10000 times as long) this
causes 10000 times (mathematically
100x) as much noise to appear
within the signal.
The amount of dispersion depends
on the amount of ISM plasma
between the Earth and the source of
the pulse.
The Dispersion Measure (DM)
measures how much plasma there
is, a important source of
DM measures "parsecs per centimetre
cubed", or {pc (cm)
To get the DM, multiply the distance in
parsecs by the Electron Density in
The density of free electrons in the
Interstellar Medium (ISM) is about
0.03 per (cm)
The US :
Shackled with its collapsing infrastructure, failing economic base and internal
private and public sector corruption ...
has a ruling elite class
that has not had to think
(or work, or earn money) for
the past 3 to 5 generations
cannot use scientific research
to make money -- as this means
having a populous that can read,
write or think
has a public school system
(and many universities) only
capable of creating worthless
degenerate dullards for the past 3
... has had (since the
1980s) beyond unreliable
government department
generated economic
statistics, making
private or public sector
planning ...
Some historical context on US debt defaults due to failures of the US political
class to manage a running economy or functioning state
The last time the US breached the
"Debt Limit" -- it was a small accident
that cost billions -- in the late 1970s
The Treasury accidentally defaulted
on about $122m worth of Treasury
Bills due to a combination of
unexpectedly high demand and a
computer glitch.
This occurred as part of a back
office glitch during a debt limit
showdown and the problem lasted
from late April 1979 to early May
The fallout came quickly :
The US went from being [in investors
minds] 100% sure to 90% sure
The slight drop in confidence raised the
nations borrowing costs by about 0.6%
or $12 billion AND the US government
was sued by bondholders for breach of
As per 2013 "Debt Limit Crisis" ... the rest
you know ...
In America, the Creative Class has already concluded that the American currency
is worthless and that America has affectively
reached beyond hopeless peak corruption
the only option is fleeing the nation and never returning ...
DSN @ Home : CCSDS Deep Space Telecom
10 GHz Frequency Allocation Proposal
In order to free up frequency space for Deep Space missions, more CCSDS frequency
channels will be needed
If the new CCSDS Deep Space Mission frequencies had some useful functional relationship
with wavelength (for Ranging use) this would be a plus.
In North America (Western Europe, Australia & South Africa) : 10.0 GHz to 10.5 GHz is
somewhat primarily allocated to Amateur Radio use but only 4 CCSDS channels are
really needed in the entire allocation as primary. Thus (hopefully) no user impacts.
This band allocation plan should be considered (Uplink Only = ^ ^ )
10.000000 GHz : Ranging Channel A1 @ 2.997925 cm ^ ^ (R)
10.100000 GHz : Ranging Channel B1 @ 2.968242 cm R+U+D
10.400000 GHz : Ranging Channel C1 @ 2.882620 cm R+U+D
10.500000 GHZ : Ranging Channel D1 @ 2.855166 cm R+U+D
Open Source Projects (SourceForge) that need your help
Open Source Projects (SourceForge) that need your help
Open Source Projects that need your help
WeirdX is a Java X11 Window server (under GNU GPL)
Open Source Projects that need your help
Many America observers say that the US will soon be completely unable to take care of
any of its own infrastructure

See this short documentary (already 8 years out of date) :
A5B8D 33BAE FDDCA 33100 95478 CC3F0 B0084 D987D
If anyone wonders why DSN @ Home
reluctantly avoids cryptocurrency donations
America's pathological (and ideological) avoidance of keeping its infrastructure up to
date and functioning profoundly threatens the US Deep Space Network's functionality
<< This is the Interstate 5 bridge in Mount
Vernon (Washington State) that
collapsed into the Skagit River in Summer

There is a US national conservative
ideologue radio personality from Mount
Vernon -- but he never lost his job
because of this.

This is a run of the mill example of no
particular outstanding note ...
Odds and Sods

The same container that carried Cassini's propulsion module to the Kennedy Space Center in 1997
was also used to transport hardware for many missions since then, including Juno, GRAIL, Mars
Reconnaissance Orbiter and Phoenix.
More examples of the US's failure to take care of itself, oddly the US NASA Deep
Space Network depends on this infrastructure to function at all...
The US is awash with beyond unknown sums of money

Almost no money is going towards the upkeep of basic infrastructure
Nor is any money being used against corruption
The US Upper Middle Class (and
Middle Class) has plenty of money to
donate to this kind of scientific
research project, but will probably
not donate a single cent because of
greed and general selfishness ...
The US ruling elites are not interested
in anything that does not make them
There is a civil war taking place with
US billionaires so ...
Permanent US bank account, stock
market and FOREX account
confiscations are due any day now ...
Notable NASA & ESA Deep Space ( >2m km) missions
that have not submitted their telecom parameters to
Deep Space Network @ Home is Powered by Donations
At this time SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is being used to represent any local
currency as this saves creating complex rate tables.
There are multiple SDR calculators on the internet, so conversion is not an issue.
Try :
See Also TBA
Suggested Donation Donation Currency BOINC Points
Rate Table 75.00 SDR 500,123
100.00 SDR 1,000,123
Last Revised 150.00 SDR 2,000,123
NOV 2013 200.00 SDR 3,000,123
250.00 SDR 4,000,123
300.00 SDR 5,000,123
Donation notes for Australian and NZ Residents
Australian households may lose up to $109
{million / year} from their accounts as the
Federal government moves to seize
cash from inactive bank accounts
Bank Accounts with 1 AUD + with
no deposits or withdrawals in the
past 3 years will be transferred to
the Australian Securities and
Investment Commission (ASIC)
This 'cash grab' legislation was
rushed through the Federal
Parliament in 2013.
All AU bank account holders must
cope with this feel free to donate to
DSN @ Home to avoid all the grief !
NZ [at this time] allows bank accounts
to be dormant for 5 years.
NZL may go the Australian direction
at any time...
So, to avoid similar confiscation or
dormancy issues, feel free to donate
to DSN @ Home
DSN @ Home is a champion of the Mini-PC design
Mini-PCs are small, consume little energy
and are durable
Mini-PCs often have sever computing
power, but at the moment DSN's only
computer dates to 2008.
The DSN sever is the CPU with the blue
Currently the CSIRO (Radio Telescope
Division) does not offer any BOINC server
or hosting facilities for dedicated or
BOINC virtual hosting.
Australia & NZ need to be in the forefront
of Distributed Computing