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National exam
O National exam ( commonly abbreviated

as UN or UNAS ) is a standard
evaluation system of primary and
secondary education in indonesia and
the equation of quality of education
levels among the areas that are
conducted by the center for
educational assessment, the
Departmen of education.


The purpose
O For those students of elementary

and middle shool, natural

examination is a gateway to
continue the study to a better level
education but national examintion
for all of you, high school students, is
a gateway to the real future but
ussually the final national
examination to test our knowlede
and our all of the lessons when we
study in the school.

Prepare before it
We must study hard,

maybe we always review

some lessons after we
back home.
We must keep practicing
by do exercise from last
examination test.
We must prepare
stationary for the
exmination like pencil,
rubber, ruler, eraser, and
pedestal board.

Trick and Tips

Keep healthy before the examination.
Manage the time for study. Sometimes to

much study isnt good idea.

Everyday we must pray that we can finish
the examination easily and we can get
highest scores examination.
Dont sleep late, so we can do the exercise
We must have brekfast before start do the

Prevent from nerves, stress, tired,

and sleepy
We must keep calm during the test.
We can do puasa sunah and
We can take a private lessons.
Try to come early so we not panic.
Ask parents and teachers pray

During the test

O Starting with pray.
O Read the test direction.
O Read the question test and

the understand it and answer

it. We must do it carefully.
O Do it by yourself based on
your skills.
O Check again all of your
O Finish it with pray

There are several factors in

achieving good exam result :

1, Internal Faktors

2, Ekternal Faktors

1, Yourself
Prepare your physical and mental
Example for mental :
a. Dont affraid with exam and you must
have an
optimistic atitude.
b. We must look forward positively, if we
forward negatively then we will be
Example for physical :
a. Keep healthy through good lifestyle
b. Dont force yourself to study hardly
because it
will lead body to fatigue mind
and body
Beside all this way we can also do a
examples :
running, hobbies, sports, drawing, etc., but
do not
over do it

2 Self motivation
we need to have the motivation to
because with it we can move forward and
think positive, examples : We can motivate
yourself by remembering the sacrifices of
parents who have been trying to put us.
we are the rich does not mean we go around
alone in the exam. So we must strive to be
than our parents.
Things that lead to motivation in us, for
a. Curiosity in order to obtain the
sympathy of others
b. For the latest fix the failures we have

1. family
there are several factors that affect:
- How parents to educate their children
- Parents are always remind their children to learn
- The affection and attention of parents to their
- Parents are always directed towards the good
2. school
school is a factor affecting student achievement, these
factors are:
- Factors bearasal of teachers
if the learning methods used by teachers not liking children
usually become less good student achievement
- Motvasi of teachers is also important for students
because it will trigger the spirit of students to learn
friends usually bring an influence on the test results, if our
friend likes to leave the lesson, lazy then we will be affected.
However, if our friend gives good effect such exchange ideas,
learn group, friends can sometimes be our teacher when we
do not understand about the material given by the teacher.

3. exercises
exercises given by the teacher should be enough,
do not overdo it. If excessive student will feel bored,
lazy, and even feel overwhelmed. As a result, many
students who do the work at school. If the teacher
rarely give assignments, students will be
underestimating the lessons given by the teacher

4. Environmental factors and the community

environment is very influential on the wishes of our
study, if less conducive environment so we tend to
be lazy to learn even not want to learn at all
5. Friends play
if we invited friends to play so we feel happy and
enjoy it, so we will feel tired, then we would feel lazy
to learn

in addition to factors previously when we have a girl

friend or boyfriend,
1. girlfriend or boyfriend could give more
motivation so that we will do the advice of a
girlfriend or boyfriend, and we will do it with
2. girlfriend or boyfriend could also be invited to
study group, he also could be our teacher,
when we ask girlfriend or boyfriend
Ojo meri
us to Mblo
learn and we do not do that then he would
scold us, so we will immediately do so,
4. if we have a girlfriend or boyfriend who is
smarter than us
then we will feel ashamed, we
will try to be smarter than our girlfriend or
5. girlfriends always reminding us to always
pray, to
learn, and to remind us to
always maintain health, etc.

Although we have a girlfriend or boyfriend there

are some negative effects such as:
- Distract us while studying for example when
the teacher explains the lesson in front of our
class is busy replying to a text message from
our girlfriend or boyfriend
- When we plan to study with our partner groups
but not in accordance with the original plan
(IYKWIM). Better to us accompanied by our jomblo !!
girlfriend or boyfriend
- If we often call our partner, we will forget the
time usually spent a lot of time for 1 hour or
even 2 hours so that we forget to be learned
- If we have a duty girlfriend or boyfriend and
given to us, we will be more concerned with the
task than our own tasks, etc