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;At the end of this presentation the learner will be able to

,Define role and relationship
.Explain family and its types
Explore terms of managing the roles
Elaborate nursing diagnosis, questions and nursing
Assessment is focused on the person's roles in
the world and relationships with others.
Satisfaction with roles, role strain, or
dysfunctional relationships may be further
Family is a group based on kinship, rearing
children and fulfilling other needs of life.simply
it is any collection of people, which the law of
.the country designates as family
Nuclear family/conjugal family.1
This type of family is very common in urban
areas. The nuclear family consists of husband,
.wife and their unmarried children
Extended family.2
This type of family consists of husband, wife
and their two or more married children, along
.with their spouses and children
Joint family.3
It is also known as consanguine family. This type of
family is extended clan of blood relatives together
with their spouses and children. They maintain a
common residence and share common social,
.economic and religious regulation
Stem family 4
In thistype of family, only one child continues to
lives with his parents after marriage. In Pakistan
this type of family is also very common where
.parents live with any of their children
Joint family
. Family provides economic security to its members.1
..Family provides affection to the children.2
Family provides protection to its members at the time of.3
need,e.g child
It provides education to its members, including both.4
. formal as well as informal education
It provides religious instruction and guidance to its.5
It is responsible for transmission of culture to the.6
children. respect for elders, love for youngsters,bieng
honest in dealing with other,etc
social role is a set of connected behaviors,rights and
obligations as conceptualized by actors in a social
situation. It is an expected behavior in a given
.social position individual social status and
.Achieved role.1

Achieved role is a position that a person •

assumes voluntarily which reflects personal
. skills, abilities, and efforts
,Roles are not forced upon the individual •
.a choice is involved •
Ascribed status.2 •

Ascribed status is the social status a person is •

given from birth or assumes involuntarily later
. in life
For example, a person born into a wealthy •
. family has a high ascribed status
.It is state of being related by birth or marriage
It shows the link, contacts and dealing between
.people ,group or communities
Professional relationship are created through the
nurse’s application of knowladge,understanding
.of human behaviour and communication
Nurse-client helping relationship

A helping relationship between nurse and

client does not just happen, it is created with
care and skill and is built on the client’s trust
.in the nurse
Nurse –family relationship
the client is family unit, although
communication within families requires
additional understanding of the complexities
.of family dyanamics,needs and relationship
Nurse-health team relationship

Nurse health team interaction are needed

between the nurse and health team members
to build morale and strength relation ship
.within the work setting
Role conflict.1

Role conflict is a special form of social conflict

that takes place when one is forced to take on
two different and incompatible roles at the
same time. Consider the example of a doctor
who is himself a patient, or who must decide
whether he should be present for his daughter's
birthday party (in his role as "father") or attend
").an ailing patient (as "doctor
Role Ambiguity.2

Norms for a specific position are vague, unclear

and ill-defined. Actors disagree on role
expectations, not because there is role conflict
. but because role expectations are unclear
Examples: job descriptions, clinical objectiveste
.in a specific social situation
Role strain.3

Role strain may be expressed as a feeling of

frustration when a person feels inadequate or
.feels unsituated to a role
Role strain is often associated with gender role
)stereotypes (sundeen and others 1998

Women in position typically held by men may

be perceived by others as less competent, less
objective or less knowledgeable than their
male counterparts. thus they may feel that they
must must work harder and be better to
. compete
Role overload.4
Involves having more responsibilies within a role •
than is manageable. often during periods of illness
or change, those involve-either the one who is ill
. or significant others-find them in role overload
Role stress.5
Role involve expected behaviour paterns associated
with one individual's function in various social
groups(sunden and others,1998)situational
transition occur when parents, or close friend die
.or people move,marry,divorce or change job
Role Incompetence.5
Role Incompetence is the inability to perform; •
lack of competence; lack of essential knowledge
. or skill to meet role expectation

Role bargaining.6
It is the discusion which aims to reach an • is give and take process between
individuals and group to work out different
..opinion regarding the best solution to an issue
care giver role strain for family

A stat in which an individual is experiencing

physical, and financial
burdens in the process of care giving to
Care giver role strain
Impaired social interaction
Impaired verbal communication
Ineffective role performance
Interrupted family processes
Risk for impaired parent/infant/child attachment
Social isolation
How does this person describe her/ his various •
roles in life?
Has, or does this person now have positive
role models for these roles?
Which relationships are most important to this
person at present?
Is this person currently going though any big
?changes in role or relationship? What are they
Nursing Intervention
.Provide social support,eg emotional, appraisal.1
. Communicate and counlling provide.2
Provide empathy and promote sense of .3
. competency
.Improve coping skill.4
.Maintain good sense of humor.5
Advise to initiate phone contact or visit with .6
.friends or relatives rather than waiting
Teach about health promotion activity like, .7
supportive social network, rest and exercise

Jull Lynda (6th ed) nursing diagnosis application of

clinical practice