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The Benefits Of

Breakfast for our health

Created by Astri Yuanita
Herry Putri

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To examine more deeply about the health effects of breakfast for us.
Formulation Of problems
1. Why breakfast is important?
2. What are the benefits of breakfast?
3. What are the good menu for our breakfast?
-To find out what are the benefits of breakfast
-To find out what kind of a good breakfast menu
-To find out what the consequences if we rarely eat breakfast
we can know that breakfast is really important for our health and we can
change our
way of life towards a better and healthier by always eat breakfast.

II.1 What is the meaning of breakfast ?
Break the fast after the night without eating.
What is the meaning of health ?

a state that is not only free from the disease but also covers all aspects of human
life that includes aspects of physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

Why breakfast
is important for our health ?

If we do not eat breakfast, we also will feel the effect or impact of:

1. Body feels weak because of lack of nutrients needed for energy.

2. Unable to perform activities or work with a good morning.
3. School children can not think properly and lazy.
4. decreased work.
because of that, breakfast is very important for our bodies and our health

Here are the benefits of breakfast
1. , Giving Strength Metabolism After All Night
2. Adding Essential Nutrition and Overall Level of Energy
3. our brains Provide Fuel to Increase Concentration
4. to avoid uncontrolled Eat
5. increase resistance to stress
What is the good menu for breakfast ?
Lets see the table above : (liat di kartul )
Daily activities in general we only need 1800 - 2500 calories.
food above does not include: lunch + dinner + snack + snack. try to
calculate our estimates of daily calories? Here is the concept of
healthy breakfast.

Healhty Breakfast :
Optimal protein + vitamins + minerals + low carb + low fat + enough water

Criteria for a good breakfast:

1. Meet the essential nutrients that our body needs throughout
the day.
2. Giving our bodies good energy throughout the day.
3. Giving our bodies good water intake.
4. Helps maintain blood sugar levels in our normal range
throughout the day.
5. Provide optimal nutrition for our brains.
6. Giving 'mood' is good for the concentration of our work.
7. Helping provide fitness level of our organs through out the

Conclusions and suggestions

Breakfast is important for our body and also affect our lives. Because basically,
breakfast affects the brain, body, and the mood we are in the activity
My advice is let's make it a habit to eat breakfast. So that we can still maintain the
health and balance in our bodies. And let us eat healthy foods so that we are far
from disease and we can run our activities with more optimal and better.

Any questions ?