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1000 1 2 3

1) In three separate trips, we will transfer the 3000 apples

to our first stopping point. At the first stopping point, we
want to have as close to 2000 apples as possible. This
way, when we start moving again, we have as close to
1000 apples as possible in our truck.
This leads us to solving: 3000-3*x=2000 => x~333.33
miles (round up to 334), where x is the distance in miles
we travel to the first stopping point. Note that we multiply
'x' times 3 since we are taking the apples in three
separate runs. After truckin' the 3000 apples, in three
separate runs, 334 miles, we have 3000-3*334=1998
apples left and 666 miles left to go.

2. 10 dice 110


1. mental arithmetics (no calculator, no paper and pen)



38*42=? What is the percentage you are confident with your answer?

2. I roll a die, and I will give you an amount in pounds equal to the number on the die. For example, if I get 5, I will
give you 5 pounds. What is the price you are willing to pay for this game? (a: 3.5)

now say that when you roll the die, you are allowed to either take the money that you get with the roll, or roll a
second time. But you have to take whatever it is of the second roll. what is the price you willing to pay to play? (a:

3. 3 coins, what is the probability that I get at least two heads? If 4 coins, what is the probability that I get at least
two heads? How confident you are with this answer? (a: 0.5, 11/16)

4. One normal ball has length 8-inch weighs 80kg, what is a 12-inch ball weigh? (a: 270kg)

5. If I drop a ball from 10 meters high, it will always rebound half the distance, e.g. the first time, it rebounds 5m
high, then the second time 2.5m, etc. So how long does the ball travel after it finally stops? Confident? (a: 30m)

1. 12% of 47
2. a deck of card (no joker), if I turn the first two cards around, find the
probability that both cards will be ace
3. flip four coins, get $1 for head and zero for tail, find the price you need to
pay to play this game
4. How confident are you with the previous questions you have answered?
5. a) roll two dice, add the values, you and your component to pick a
number represents the sum of two dice, which number will you pick? would
you go first or second b) if the probability of getting 12 is 40% and the rest is
a uniform distribution of 60%, which number would you pick now? 5. two
player A, B are to play a game (7 rounds in total), the game terminates if
any of the player wins 4 games. The winning probability of each player is a
1/2, find the probability that both players will be playing the 7th round.

You are given a six sided die. What is the

expected value of the difference between
the two dice rolls?


I am thinking about two positive integers:

a and b. I can tell you a/b is belong to the
close interval [0.48, 0.52], then give me all
the possible values for b no matter what
value a takes.


Expected value of a dice if you can reroll

up to 3 times and take the highest number.


- A car has a uniformly distributed value between

0 and 1000. If you bid less than this value, you
get nothing but keep your bid. If you bid more
than this value, you can sell the car for 1.5 times
the value. What should you bid? - The surface of
a 3x3 block is painted. The block is split into 27
cubes and one is dropped on the floor. What is
the probability that no visible face is painted? If
no visible face is painted, what is the probability
that it is the centre cube?

1) 0 2) 2/27; 1/2

Sum the odd integers between 1 and 100. Roll two die,
what is the probability that the sum of the pips on the die
are at least 9. There is a car auction. The price of the car
is uniform [0,1000], you do not know the actual value of
the car. If you bid higher than the value of the car you get
it, if you bid lower than the value of the car you don't. If
you know you can sell it on afterwards for x times its
worth, what should you should you bid when: x=1.5
x=2.5 e.g. for x=1.5, you bid 100, the car is worth 80, you
get it and sell it on for 120, which is a 20 profit. What is
the next date that the day month and year share no
common values. e.g. 13/11/2014 has four '1's so doesn't

2500 5/18 x=1.5, bid 0 x=2.5, bid 1000


How many digits is 99 to the 99th power.


There are four coins. For each heads you

get, you get $1. You can also re-flip one
coin after the initial four flips. What is the
maximum you would pay to play this


How many tons does the ocean weigh?

toss two dice. if the sum is 7, you win a

dollar. if the sum is even, you lose a
dollar. otherwise, roll again. what is the
expected payoff?


how much water is there in the ocean

how many people are currently on the

You are given a 100 sided die. After you

roll once, you can choose to either get
paid the dollar amount of that roll OR pay
one dollar for one more roll. What is the
expected value of the game?

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