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Group Members

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ICI Pakistan Limited was set up as a
public limited company in Pakistan in
1952. ICI’s presence in this part of the
world, however, predates the formation
of the public limited company and
indeed, Pakistan itself.

General Manager HR

Corporate HR Manager

Recruitment and T&D Performanc Compensation

Compensation department e Appraisal Package
Introduction to Human Resource
Human resource is one of the very important
departments of ICI paints. It is link with all the
departments and deal directly with the employees.
It performs the following functions.
The Recruitment Process
o Internal Recruitment
o External Recruitment
Performance Appraisal
Compensation Package
Training And Development Department
Training & Development

Training involves an expert working with learners

to transfer to them certain areas of knowledge or
skills to improve in their current jobs.
Reasons for Training and Development
An organization which is providing services to the people in
the area has to look after so many things to stand up
among the many other companies which are also
providing same services in the same field so to stand out
and to look for better chances of surviving in the market
and provide the best among the rest they have to train
the staff accordant to the requirements of the real time
as well as to motivate their employees and to increase
their job motivation organizations have to arrange the
trainings. So the training and development in ICI
Pakistan Limited is one of the most important facts. It is
not only for the survival of the company in the market but
also for providing the people better services.

Increased employee motivation

Increased capacity to adopt new
technologies and methods
Increased innovation
Enhanced company image
Development Department

Training And
Development Manager

Assistant Manager
Training and Design Process

Conducting Needs Assessment

Ensuring Employees Readiness for
Creating a Learning Environment
Ensuring Transfer of Training
Developing an Evaluation Plan
Select Training Method
Monitor and Evaluate the Program
Training at ICI Pakistan Limited

Internal Training
External training
Types of training for employees

Types Of Forms
Need Evaluation Form
Attendance Form
Training Evaluation Form
Trainee Evaluation Form