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‡The Call
‡Counseling Sessions

To provide Biblical guidance, spiritual nourishment

and integration information to all who God
presents to us.



Mark 6:35-37a


‡Who is called to share their faith?

‡Acts 1:8 ³«YOU shall be my witnesses« and to
the ends of the earth.´
The Call is. . . .
Be here now.

‡Initial Response
‡John 4 (Jesus and the Samaritan woman) Jesus
offered living water to all---race, gender, age, status
‡Acts 8 (Philip and the Ethiopian) taking advantage of
the opportunity

‡Listen« ³What brought you forward today?´

‡Fight the Bent To Tell Your Story


‡Hear the person out
‡Ask open
open--ended questions
‡Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
‡Don¶t lead (You¶re saved, aren¶t you?)
‡Don¶t judge (You don¶t really mean that!)
‡Resist the urge to tell your story
‡Don¶t assume and don¶t answer for them
‡Don¶t say, ³I know how you feel.´ You don¶t
‡Silence is OK
‡You might not be able to put a bow on it


‡Support victory they have achieved

‡Next Step
‡Encourage them to take the next step
Starting Point, Baptism, Equipping Class, Small
Group, Life Care Ministries
Scenario 1

³I was baptized when I was 8 or 9 years old.

I¶ve been active ever since.´
Scenario 2

³Iµve been a Christian as long as I can

remember. I rededicated my life to Christ
Scenario 3

³I love God. I¶ve worked in the nursery,

done VBS, taught Sunday School and
generally been involved in church ever since
I was about 19 years old. I¶ve been a
member of First Baptist since 1978.´
Scenario 4

³I¶d like to be baptized today.´

Scenario 5

John Doe and Judy Deer come forward to

join the church. They complete the Decision
Counseling card and indicate they are not
married, but list identical addresses.
Scenario 6

³My relationship with Christ is a personal

matter. I don¶t want to discuss it.´
Scenario 7

³I have participated in a Baptism service, but

not by immersion. I don¶t see the need to do

Acts 22:15
³You will be His witness to all men of
what you have seen and heard.´
Ananias told Paul-----
³And now what are you waiting