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PR in Organizational Decision
Gain management support &
Be more than technician
By broadening their knowledge
Learn to think like managers
Issue oriented

Case study on PR in
Organization Decision Making

study is taken from the thesis at FISIPs library:

Analisis Proses Manajemen Public Relation pada Divisi
Public Relation Metro TV
by Fitria Nindyasari, 2013.


case tells us about issues involving Metro

TV and censorship.

The Issue
Journalist from Metro TV has been proved that

(has been reported) on an issue regarding shoot

& broadcasting a scene where a person is seen
watching the rumored porn clip on an internetcaf without censoring the monitor screen. Issue
is related with censorship matters.

The Issue
According to KPI, the penalty given to Metro TV are

such: Headline news is prohibited to air on 7

consecutive days. and also, demands the Metro TV to
apologize to the public for three (3) days consecutive.
Though Metro TV explained that it is caused by IT error.

Metro TV drops sentence to the producer of the

program by de-honoring and incapacitate his duties.

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The Issue
Salah satu tahap Metro TV dalam menyelesaikan masalah

atau issue yang dengan meyakinkan dengan menemui

langsung atau berhadapan langsung dengan konflik dan
dibicarakan jalan keluarnya secara bersama.
(Nindyasari, 2013)
KPI chairman Dadang Rahmat Hidayat & Vice Chairman

Mutmainnah Nina, asked Metro TV to sign the Berita Acara

Klarifikasi. KPI provided the opportunity for Metro TV to
give an explanation. And with other consequences as

Gain management support &

The mistakes made by Metro TV found on the internal
side of Metro TV itself, so that Metro TV evaluate the IT
"Tidak ada intensi apa pun dari kami, dan kami
menyadari kesalahan. Secara internal kami langsung
konsolidasi, memberikan sanksi dan melakukan
corrective action dari sisi manajerial." said Makroen
responding to the sanction given by KPI.
Ken, Y. detikNews (2010)

Be more than technician

Deleting archives concerned with this case
at any site.
PR responsible for restoring the image of
the company & rebuilding a good

By broadening their
Get to know more about the rules in the
Press Law (UU Pres), the Code of
Conduct of Journalism (kode etik
jurnalisme) and P3-SPS so if they are
involved in such cases they already know
the consequences they face and how to
overcome it. And also as a guide to
prevent the possible issues to happen.

Learn to think like managers

Before KPI impose further sanctions, PR
of Metro TV takes their first initiative to
apologize to the audience about the
mistakes that have been made as a swift

Issue Oriented
Observe and analyze the changes in law
and policy in the society regarding any
cases by taking viewpoints on the forums
and social media (and news) in order to
stay updated on how society gave their
opinions for this case

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