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Why is industrial bare

copper wire so

Bare copper wires

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Copper is the major element

used to produce high-quality
industrial wires and cables.
The industrial copper-based
Industrial bare copper cables
and tinned copper stranded
cables are used in many
industries. In fact, none of
the physical manufacturing
companies would be lead
their operations if copper
suddenly vanishes from the

Importance of is Industrial bare copper wire:

97% of the copper wires used in the world are directly consumed by
industries involved in high-temperature manufacturing and metallurgy.
Properties that make use of stranded copper wires so much efficient in
industries are:
Ability to withstand tough physical conditions
Dual property of high thermal and electrical conductivity
Resistance to corrosion, abrasion and tear
The single most property that makes stranded copper wires so important
is the fact that they can withstand wear and tear even in hightemperature operations. Motors running at high speeds generate a lot of
heat. Only tinned and electroplated copper wires can withstand the
abrasive force at high speed operations.

Factors to be studied:
Factors accounted while manufacturing and installing Industrial cables
made of copper are:
Corrosion Resistance: Pitting and Crevice Corrosion,
Ammonia; Sulphides, Seawater Treatments

Sand Erosion,

Bio fouling: Tubing, Cladding and Offshore Structures

Mechanical: Strength, hardness, durability, malleability, ductility
Cryogenic: Heat sustenance and consistency of internal structure
Environmental: Low-polluting and recycling

Different types of Industrial cables:

There are more than 50 different grades and varieties of industrial cables
from the copper wire inventory. The best classification for them is done as

Multi-conductor control Cables

Power cables
Armoured power cables
Single control cables

Grades of Industrial copper wires are:

Instrumentation cable: 300 Volt and 600 Volt
Flexible Control and Flexible Power cable: 600 volts
Industrial Power cable: 600 Volts
Industrial Armoured cable: 350 volts to 35 KVs
Armoured Power and Control Cable: 600 volts to 28 KVs
Industrial Medium Voltage Power Cable: 2.4 KV t0 35 KV

Largest Consumers on Stranded copper Industrial cables:

Companies directly involved with the manufacture, use and maintenance
of the following operations use the cable in greatest volume.

Industrial robotics
power generation
seaport cranes
marine and under-water motor maintenance
petrochemical and natural gas production
Tubing and Harnessing operations
Automotive and aeronautics
Coin manufacturing

Sea water systems

Desalination tanks
Condensers and Heat Exchangers
Ship building and repair
CNC machines
OEM Switch panels

Industrial bare copper wires are best for initial start up operations and
expanding businesses as they are easily available and put much
lesser pressure on the existing infrastructure. For optimum industrial
efficiency and productivity, industrial cables from bare and stranded
copper segments are preferred. Tinned copper wires are costlier
but meet all the safety regulations as per International standards.