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Guardians of the Galaxy

Title Guardians of the Galaxy

Genre Sci fi, Action, Adventure
Production company MARVEL Studios
Distributor Walt Disney studios
Director James Gunn
Main Actors/Actresses Chris Pratt,
Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Dave
Bautista, Vin Diesel, Karren Gillen,
Michael Rooker

00:00 - At the beginning of the movie,

the director use a wide shot to give the
audience information on times and what
planet the main character is on. There
are the sounds of spaceships and some
eerie, quite music which are nondiegetic sounds.
00:11 - The next shot starts with an
establishing shot to set the scene. The
planet looks dark and murky maybe to
give a feeling of unease or to make it
seem creepy. There are more nondiegetic sounds, this time its geysers.
The eerie music is still playing.
00:30 - The camera angle now
changes to a close up of the
character. The close up shows his
parts of his costume, his futuristic
mask. A diegetic sound has now
been added, its his footsteps. The
geyser noises continue along with
the eerie music. mise-en-scene:

00:38 The camera angle changes

to another close up, this time the
close up is in front of the character
and slightly further away so you can
see more of his red, futuristic
costume (mise-en-scene). There are
still noises from the geysers and the
The camera now moves away
from the character to give a wide shot
of the scenery. The set looks dark,
murky and empty/abandoned. I think it
is made to look dark to make the film
feel scary almost. The lighting (mise-enscene) along with the music thats still
playing defiantly back up this point.
01:15 The camera now changes to a
birds-eye view of the character and
the floor. The floor in soaked which
shows that this planet doesnt seem
like a nice place to be. Star Lord has
now got out a device (mise-en-scene)
that is used to scan for past life. He
discovers that their used to be
families living and playing here which

01:38 Star Lord has now entered an

even darker area of the planet. The
camera has switched to a long shot
which now fits the whole character
into the shot. The eerie music from
earlier has now stopped along with
the geyser noises.

02:06 Star Lord takes off his futuristic

helmet to reveal himself to the audience.
He takes out headphones and a walkman
(mise-en-scene) and starts playing come
and get your love by Redbone. Although
its still dark and mysterious, the cheerful
music has now lightened the mood which
is BINARY OPPOSITION. The use of this
medium shows us that this is the same
character as the boy in the movie without
having toThe
use camera
dialog. angle changes to

a wide angle to show the new area of

the planet that Star Lord has
discovered, showing its just as dull
and murky as the setting beforehand.
The title of the movie the flashes up.
Come and get your love is still

03:13 The camera angle is once

again a birds-eye view, this time of a
pit that Star Lord has to get over. The
pit is dark and filled with weird
creatures. Non-diegetic sounds in this
scene is the redbone song, growling
from the creatures in the pit and the
sounds of mini rockets from Star
a medium shot of the
Lords jet
artefact Star Lord is trying to obtain,
The song now stops to mark that this
scene is now serious and about to
start off the plot for the entire movie.
Star Lord uses a orb (mise-en-scene)
to light up the room he is in. The light
helps star Lord and the audience see
what Star Lord is looking for.

I could not find any kind of Narrative Metaphors in the

opening scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy

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