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Internship project

The Media Zone Authority Abu

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A Brief Executive Summary of the

The Media Zone Abu Dhabi is one of the fastest growing
media markets in the world, and the Media Zone Authority
Abu Dhabi (the Authority) is committed to the continued
development of the media industry in Abu Dhabi:

The Authority, established by Abu Dhabi Decree Law No.

12 of 2007, is the regulatory body of the free zone, Media
Zone Abu Dhabi.
The Authority is ISO 9001:2008 certified. ISO 9001:2008 is
an internationally recognized set of standards for quality
management systems developed and published by the
International Organization for Standardization. Being ISO
9001:2008 certified means that the Authority maintains an
excellent level of quality and satisfaction, ensuring that it
meets the needs of its customers.

Description of the company/institution

The Media Zone Authority Abu
Dhabi (the Authority) is responsible
for overseeing all regulatory and
licensing aspects of the Media
Zone Abu Dhabi, which includes
developing and ensuring
compliance with the Authoritys
regulations, codes and policies and
procedures; registering and
licensing companies, branches and
sole proprietors (freelancers); and
providing content-related guidance
to its licensees.

The Authority offers the following

services in the Media Zone Abu
Developing and maintaining the Media Zones regulations, codes and
Incorporating and registering companies and branches;
Licensing companies, branches and freelancers;
Maintaining records of all registered companies, branches and
Providing ongoing services such as facilitating changes to
shareholders, directors and general managers and issuing certified
copies, extracts of the Authoritys register and certificates of good
Dissolving companies and closing branches;
Providing content-related guidance; and
Implementing mechanisms to ensure compliance with the Media
Zone regulations and codes.

MISSION:Facilitate the growth and development of the
Abu Dhabi media industry through the implementation
of conducive, transparent, consistent and effective
regulations, and strategic media initiatives, which in
turn positively contributes to Abu Dhabis GDP.


VISION:A thriving world-class media

industry that contributes significantly
to the achievement of the Emirate of
Abu Dhabis economic, social, and
cultural objectives


The Media Zone Authority- Abu Dhabi (the Authority)

continually strives to ensure that a vibrant and
successful media industry develops in Abu Dhabi and
the region. As part of this goal, the Authority maintains
a legal and regulatory framework of regulations, codes,
policies & procedures and guidance notes which apply
to all entities and individuals working within the Media
Zone Abu Dhabi. The legal and regulatory framework
in the Media Zone Abu Dhabi reflects best industry
practice both locally and internationally and supports
the growth of the Media Zone Abu Dhabi.

My position in Public relationship

is employees service executive
Manages the Client Services Coordinators
(creates staff schedules, manages workflow,
handles staffing and employee issues,
enforces departmental policy and procedures,
is a best practices example for Client Services
Duties, etc) 3. Accurately performs
registration process for new and existing
clients 4. Schedules appointments according
to established procedures 5. Make reminder
calls to clients 6. Meets agency participatory

My duties
7. Assure that staff is provided with proper training,
instruction, tools, and methods to perform their jobs. 8.
Lead and motivate staff in handling change, building
trust, and partnership. Encourage and build a team
environment. 9. Perform timely performance
evaluations, as well as appropriate disciplinary actions.
Evaluate all Customer Service Staff on communication
skills and technical knowledge.10.Ensure that all
Customer Service Representatives have up-to-date
benefit information. 11.Ensure Customer Service followup methods and procedures are complete and meet
time standards. 12.Develop and train senior staff to
provide a high level of support.

Problem and solution


The elements that lead to employee satisfaction and customer
retention are said to have fundamental implications for corporate
profitability. Unlike much of the mainstream literature, which
generally focuses on the relationship between two of these three
subjects (employee satisfaction, customer retention, and
corporate profitability), this paper considers the effects,
importance and reliance between all three. Based on published
research, completed case studies, and interviews, the paper
emphasizes the effects of employee satisfaction and customer
retention on corporate profitability, otherwise known as the
Service-Profit chain. It especially highlights the importance of the
link, and subsequent success of each area. It argues that, in order
to be effective, a complete understanding of the link between
employee satisfaction and its relationship to customer retention
and corporate profitability must be understood and practiced.

An assessment of the
As a result, the training and development of employees is
an essential part of their satisfaction and longevity and
should be made a priority of the organization. Continued
training and programs not only help to bolster employee
satisfaction, but also produce tangent benefits for the
organization. Training initiatives should be well planned,
funded, and designed to meet organizational goals. This
section will consider the effects of well- designed,
comprehensive training programs. Included in this
analysis will be the effects of training on employees,
benefits of employee training to the organization, types of
training programs, and the required commitment needed
for a successful training and development program.

What kind of responsibilities you

have undertaken during the job?
Public relations (PR) is about managing
reputation. A career in PR involves gaining
understanding and support for clients, as well
as trying to influence opinion and behaviour.
PR officers use all forms of media and
communication to build, maintain and
manage the reputation of their clients. These
range from public bodies or services, to
businesses and voluntary organisations

How do you think the internship/job

will influence your future career plans?
I got a lot of skills such as
The role is very varied and will depend on
the organisation and sector. Tasks often
Planning, developing and implementing PR
liaising with colleagues and key
liaising with and answering enquiries from
media, individuals and other organisations,
often via telephone and email;
Researching, writing and distributing press
releases to targeted media;
Collating and analysing media coverage;

Public relations (PR) are about
managing reputation. A career in PR
involves gaining understanding and
support for clients, as well as trying
to influence opinion and behaviour.
PR officers use all forms of media
and communication to build,
maintain and manage the reputation
of their clients. These range from
public bodies or services, to