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Instagram & Narrative

Made for Each Other!
By:Jackie Patanio, NYCDOE

Instagram & Narrative Writing

How do we reach our student in Grades 6-12 and inspire them to write with passion, write
often and write independently?

Over half of all Millennials use Instagram every single day.

Teens and adults ages 12-24 make up the largest rising population of Instagram.

Our thoughts...

Reach our students in their areas of highest engagement.

Inspire them to practice writing for a purpose and audience.
Turn a selfie into a meaningful statement.
Inspiring writing inside and outside the classroom.

How to Tell Powerful Narratives on Instagram

Long-form narrative writer Neil Shea finds new storytelling
possibilities in short posts on Instagram.
Meet Caroline Calloway, Who Is Writing A Bo
ok On Instagram
Media clips from: Caroline Calloway & Neil Shea

Purposes of Instagram:
To Sell
To Tell Stories
To Promote
To Engage
To Educate
To Build Awareness
*The Art of Long Captions- by UROOJ

Instagram Statistics
and The Facts.

The Facts from


Instagram recently crossed the 400 million users mark


80 million Instagram photos are uploaded every day


Over 70% of U.S. companies will market on Instagram

by 2017


Instagram usage his double in last 2 years


Nearly 30 % of the total U. S Population use Instagram


Over half of all millennials use Instagram every single



U.S. Citizens spend 1.7 hours a day on social media

platforms like Instagram


Instagram now counts video views


Instagram is the second most popular messaging app

10. Instagram
From Mary Meekers annual Internet Trends

rated #1 app of all time for brand social

Instagram Protocol:
Protocol for professional development and for teaching students
how to write and reflect on Instagram writing.

1. View 4 images from Instagram (1 minute)

2. You will be assigned one of the photos
3. Use the photo to write a narrative caption that

stays within the 2200 character limit of

Instagram (Approximately 350 words.) (5
4. Share with a partner-partners read (1 minute)
5. Feedback Carousel Each partner fills one out.
6. Post images with captions on Instagram

words..or less!

The Art of Long Captions
Things to Know About Writing Captions on Instagram
Almost Insta-Famous 4 Tips to Rocking Your Instagram
How to Tell Powerful Narratives on Instagram
Meet Caroline Calloway, Who Is Writing A Book On Instagram
Mary Meekers annual Internet Trends Report in 2015
Contact Info:
Jackie Patanio, NYCDOE
The Art of Long Captions
Twitter: @JPatanio & @SIBFSC
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