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Railways Safety


Gantry Crane Safety

General Electrical Safety

Precautions to be taken
during Monsoon Season

Flood prevention Measures

Railway Safety

Keep a special watch on existing IR Track Embankment, especially at cutting zone. If

required need to provide shoring immediately.
Ensure Formation & Structures works should not blocked IR water ways and Culverts.
Monsoon patrolling do on pre-identified sensitive area such as prevention of IR
Special precaution to be taken in areas prone to land slide, Hill slope, Boulder falling

Do not block/
use IR water

Adequate measures should be taken when

the advance warning given by Indian
Meteorological Department about
Cyclonic Storm,
Drowning and
Heavy Rain Fall etc.

Gantry Crane Safety

Gantry Crane Safety:

Crane should be halt in adverse weather condition

Ensure storm water drain facility to avoid Water logging.

Make sure that the soil around the rail foundation

should be well compacted and free from erosion.

Gantry locking arrangements to be checked and used

during heavy rain and wind.

All electrical supply board/switch board/electrical











stoppers/storm arrester in lock position.

danger foreseen is half

Precautions to be taken during Monsoon Season

Do not keep any loose materials (GI sheet, wooden plank etc.) on

the top of the structure and shed.

Try to get inside a shed. Flying debris can cause injury.

Lower the booms of the Mobile cranes and anchor it.

Ensure adequate earthing of each and every electrical Equipment.

Protect the edges of the excavated pits. Keep the excavated earth
away from the edge of the pits.

Barricade the pits required for execution with suitable fencing

and also display warning tape & red light (if required).

It is recommended never to cross any water bodies or streams

during monsoons

If your Construction Equipment/ vehicle is suddenly caught in

rising water, leave it immediately and seek higher ground.

Roads may have weakened and could collapse under the

weight of Construction Equipment

Make approach roads compact. The road surface should not

have potholes and should not be uneven.

Precautions to be taken during Monsoon Season

Avoid staying in wide areas, open areas such as fields and open


Double stopper as shown

may be provided

RCC Stopper of adequate

size may be provided

Evacuate the employees from the risky areas when any

catastrophe is noticed.

First aid kit shall be kept ready at site

Avoid Working at heights during Monsoon

Ensure gantry crane provided with Adequate Strength by double

stopper/ RCC stoppers and manual locks

Keep ready few battery operated lights for Emergency purpose.

Cover the drinking water tank very carefully. Drinking water

Manual Locks as shown may

be provided

should not get contaminated by other sources of water.

Pest control measures should be ensured.

After the rain and the storm:

If power lines and poles are down in yard or in the site, always treat them as if they were energized and
dangerous. Never touch them! Stay away. Call the electrician to report the location so repairs can be made as
soon as possible.

You may help someone trapped by a power line by isolating him from the power line with the help of a nonconductive material and Inform concern authority.

Stay away from metal fencing (Metal fences could become electrified by a downed wire. Be very careful,
especially after a storm).

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