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Idioms in Everyday English

Animals in Language
intermediate level


1.To be raining cats and dogs (to rain

Eg. The weather is awful it is raining cats


1. A ploua cu gleata

and dogs.

Ex. Vremea este ngrozitoare plou cu


2. Have ants in ones pants (excited,

2. A nu avea stare, a fi entuziasmat().

Eg. She's got ants in her pants because she's going
to a party tonight.

Ex. Ea este foarte entuziasmat pentru ca merge la o

petrecere disear.



3. Like a bull in a China shop (clumsy)

3. Foarte nendemnatic, ofensator.

Eg. She was like a bull in a China shop during that

important meeting.

Ex .Ea a avut un comportament foarte

nepotrivit n timpul acelei ntlniri importante.

4. Hungry enough to eat a horse.(to be

4. A avea o foame de lup

Eg. I am so hungry that I can eat a horse!

Ex. Mi-e o foame de lup!


5. Dressed like a dogs dinner.(negativedressed inappropriately)


5. A fi mbcat() nepotrivit sau mult

prea formal pentru o ocazie(negativ)

Eg. She is wearing a lace dress in this pub-shes

dressed like a dogs dinner.

Ex. Ea poart o rochie de dantel n acest

pub/bar nu este mbrcat potrivit pentru
aceast ocazie.

6. To be a dogs breakfast (very messy)

6. Foarte dezordonat.

Eg. You have to clean your room as it looks like a

Ex. Trebuie s-i faci curat n camer pentru c

este o dezordine de nedescris.

dogs breakfast.



7. Be the bees knee (very good quality)

7. A fi de foarte bun calitate

Eg. You should listen to that jazz band- it is the

bees knee.

Ex. Te sftuiesc s asculi aceast trup de jazzsunt foarte buni.

8. To have a bee in ones bonnet (talk

8. A bate apa-n piu, a vorbi obsesiv de

mult i irelevant despre un anume subiect.

about smth you think may be important, but the others


Eg. She has a bee in her bonnet when talking

about democracy.

Ex. Ea vorbete ntruna cnd vine vorba despre




9. To be as dead as a dodo.(useless or

9. A nu mai fi folositor sau important

Eg. His hopes to become president are as
dead as a dodo.

Ex. Speranele sale s devin preedinte sunt

aproape inexistente.

Dodo was a flightless bird which doesnt exist anymore.

Dodo- o pasre care nu putea s zboare, asemnatoare

unui curcan, care nu mai exist acum.

10. To be an eager
without complaining)

10. Persoan harnic i perseverent,


beaver (working hard

Eg. That woman is a true eager beaver as she

works hard and she loves her job.

Ex. Doamna aceea este foarte zeloas pentru ca

lucreaz mult i i iubete meseria.