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Famous Vashikaran Or Black Magic Specialist Astrologer Maulvi Khaji Miya JI.
Mohammed Ghaznavi got allured by immense wealth in the temple, so he plundered the
temple, fragmented all gemstudded in pillars, resulting in fragmented distortion and so breakage of this yantra.
Since then, this temple is now without 'Shri Yantra'. During my sojourn to south India. I Visited
Tirupati Balaji temple
where I noticed the inscription of this yantra at the back of the idol and is being still
worshipped as per laid down
parametres. Even now income of this holy place runs into billions, even though the temple is
under control of the state government.
Get Lost Lover Back, Love, Inter Cast Marriage, Divorce, Breakup And All Types Issues Solution
By Vashikaran Mantra Or Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer Khaji Miya Ji.
Ajmer, Rajasthan


Vashikaran Mantra Is A Best Mantra For
Control Your Husband, Wife, Lover,
Boss, Parents And Any Person.


There are certain yantras, which are
based on numerical numbers, and no
worship is required to achieve the
desired results and results have
enthralled and amazed even many
persons. Our asceties and sages have
achieved such amazing results which
spell-bound the onlookers -'Beesaa
and' panchdashi' yantras can be
reckoned in this category.