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Noughts and Crosses

In 1952, A.S. Douglas created the
first computer game, "Noughts and
Crosses" as part of his doctoral

In 1962, Steve Russellis released one of the
It is a two-player game, with each player taking
control of a starship and attempting to destroy the

Tennis for Two

In 1958 William Higinbotham
developed the game in a

The Magnavox Odyssey

In 1972, was
released the world's
first commercial
home video game
The Odyssey was
designed by Ralph
Baer, who began
around 1966 and had

Pong was the first game
incorporated in 1972 by Nolan
Bushnell and Ted Dabney. Who
installed the Pong prototype at
a local bar, Andy Capp's Tavern
then released it later that year.

Atari 2600
TheAtari 2600is avideo game
consolereleased in 1977 byAtari

Space Wars
In 1977, Larry
Rosenthal created
the game based in
the game of 1962

Space Invaders
In 1978 the Japanese Tatio
Corporation released and
was one of the forerunners of
modern video gaming.

Arcade Games
From 1977 to the
late 1980s, video
games became
extremely popular
as coin-operated
machines in

In 1985 was released The
Amiga the first home
computers for which
inexpensive sound
sampling and video
digitization accessories
were available.

Nintendo Entertainment

1985 The Japanese company Nintendo

starts selling Super Mario. Shigeru
Miyamoto is the designer of the game.

In 1994, The Entertainment
Software Rating Board is established
by the Entertainment Software
Association(ESRB) to provide ratings
and information about video and
computer games.

Nintendo 64
In 1996, Nintendo 64 is launched
and marked as the first 64-bit game
console, despite the fact that the
system doesnt use CD tech, the
console displays impressive graphics
and 3D game play for using cartridge
based usage, and quickly becomes a
hot selling item

Sega Dreamcast
In1999, the Sega Dreamcast is released, with
its revolutionary new VMU memory card
system and built in modem, it is said that this
console is truly ahead of its time.

Playstation 2
In 2000, the Playstation 2 is
released as a 128-bit platform and
the first system to use DVD

Game Cube / Xbox

In 2001 Nintendo releases the Game
Cube and is the first system to use optical
minidisks to store games. Later on that
year ,Microsoft releases the Xbox, the first
console to contain the hard disc space of a
computer and was able to support HDTV,
at this point the "console wars" have

Nintendo DS / Sony PSP

In 2004 the Nintendo DS and the
Sony PSP are released within a
month of each other,starting a whole
new generation of portable systems.

Xbox 360 / Kinect

In 2005, XBox 360 (Xbox or 360) Set
the standards for online multi- player
ability. For the most part, the preferred
of the three systems.

Playstation 3
In 2006, PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Considered more of a multi- purpose
media devise. And the preferred BluRay player on the market.

Nintendo Wii
In 2006, was released Nintendo
Wii. The only true gaming console.
Its designed focused to family use.

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