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Who is this guy??

Donald Trump

s/o Fred Trump

An American Real Estate developer

Chairman of Trump Organization

Residence- Trump Tower, Manhattan, NYC

His Portfolio
Real Estate Development
Entertainment Industry
Trump Golf
Trump Financial
Trump University
GoTrump (an online travel website)

His Portfolio
Mens wear, accessories, watches, Fragrances
Trump Chocolate
Business simulation game
Trump Vodka
Owner of Miss Universe Franchise
Host and Actor of The Apprentice

How did he become this??

Graduated in 1968 with a Bachelor of Science

degree in economics

Wanted to join film school

Father was a real estate developer

Worked with him for 5 years

Given control of the company in 1971

Changed the name to The Trump Organization
Got involved in larger building projects
Utilized attractive architectural design to win public
recognition (look good-sell good)
Hosted television show The Apprentice
Owned Miss Universe Organization
Bought WWE Monday Night Raw for two weeks

I try to learn from the past,

but I plan for the future by
focusing exclusively on
the present. That's were
the fun is.

Bankrupt New York
Commodore Hotel

The Hyatt


Rebuilt the Wollman

Skating Rink (New York
Central Park)
The city had been trying
for seven years to rebuild
and restore the Rink
Trump interceded and did
so in three months
At only 10 percent of the
Citys $20 million cost


Brand Value (greatest)

Every project has the name
Every project is aesthetically
Class specific projects

Trump financial

Trump university

Trump restaurants


Trump Signature Collection

Trump Fragrance

Trump Magazine

Trump Golf

Trump Chocolate

Trump Productions

Business ventures

The Miss Universe Organization

has been owned by Donald
Trump since 1996

National Broadcasting
Company (NBC) became a joint
partner in 2003.

The organization produces the

Miss Universe, Miss USA, and
Miss Teen USA pageants

Entertainment Media

A two time Emmy Award nominated personality

Appeared in many films as HIMSELF

Been a constant subject of comedians, Flash cartoon artists

Has his own daily talk radio program called Trumped!

Entertainment Media









A star on the Hollywood
Walk of Fame

Entertainment Media

Hosted two WrestleMania
events in the Trump Plaza
Bought Monday Night Raw for a
week and made it commercial
Inducted into the Celebrity
wing of WWE Hall of Fame

Leadership Style

An Autocratic Leader

Acquires 100% belief in project before choosing it

Takes advice from select ones

Works very well in stressful situation

Employees may find relief in being told exactly how to

respond during these times

Leadership Style

High degree of SELF-CONFIDENCE

Trumps ENTHUSIASM convinced his subordinates to work for


Able to win respect and support from followers for his vision

Leadership Style

Managed to turn his greatest challenges into success

Discuss the feelings of a less competitive employee in private

Ask yourself: What am I pretending not to see?

Trump NEVER SITS BACK and let someone else develop the next
great thing

Need of Recognition-


Need of Recognition-

Need of Recognition-

Need of Recognition-

His favourite job-

His patent phrase

Media Handling

Constant feeds up the media

His arrogance is exaggerated

Lifestyle is admired

Decisions are questioned

Achievements are praised

His attitude is cursed

Image is maintained

Image is
Everything is

Media Handling

Personality Traits

Genuine passion for learning

This created business

opportunities for him

For example

He loves playing golf

His passion has motivated him to create Trump Golf to operate

world class Golf Courses

Personality Traits
Thinks Big

believed in making big deals and huge investments in real estate

because he saw potential

Although, he would sometimes

land himself in debt

He would then make even

stronger comeback

Personality Traits

Straightforward in expressing his


Sets up high expectations

Demands perfection

Anybody failing
to fulfil his
is sure to get a

Personality Traits
Emotional Stability

A very important aspect of a leader

Being able to cope up well with his emotions

Trump possesses a high emotional stability

Illustration- (when he was heavily in debt- 2007)

Walked into the conference room where the mood was very stressful

Changed the focus from Looking at the problem to looking at the terrific
future they had ahead

Was able to make staff look forward to achieving goals

..instead of grieving over the failure

Personality Traits
The Drive and Achievement Motive

Works for long hours

Rarely goes on vacation

Manages many different tasks

Simultaneously keeps track of

even the minute details

Each setback is taken as

learning experience
Each obstacle is taken as

One of Trumps golden rule for successNever give up. No matter what the obstacle is, you have to get
through it and achieve what you set out to do. Never even think
about giving up

Sometimes by losing a
battle you find a new way
to win the war.

The Mistakes
The Trump Airlines

Purchased 17 Boeing 727s

Acquired right to have his name over them

Turned the interiors super luxurious

BUT& His forecast turned out wrong

& People just wanted convenience
& It was just a matter of 1-2hrs flight
& Even if in the economy class

The Mistakes
The Bankrupt BillionaireA four time bankrupt
1991, 1992, 2004, 2009
The Taj Mahal Casino
The Atlantic City Hotel

ReasonHigh Investments
Low returns
High Debt

Career Graph

The Mistakes

The Obama issue

Questioned Obamas American Citizenship

Dared Obama to show his birth certificate(which he did)

In return he would publicise his

tax returns statements
(which he didnt)

Sent some researchers to Hawaii to

investigate the matter of Obama's
citizenship status
(reason- no believe in legal findings)



Not a self made billionaire

But the effort in building all what he has is his and only his

Passion in every project is the main driving force

Deep involvement in everything he undertakes


Emotionally stable

Trump brand name helped him

overcome many situations

Always thinks BIG

Never forgets to brag about his

achievements and lifestyle


Thing Big

Have Energy which drives passion

Bounce Back

Never give up

Emotional Stability

Be successful and brag about it

Thank You