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Original Performance with

the Use of the Media

Lesson 4

What are the

Philippine Theater

Theater productions are usually done

by professional who are inspired and
enthusiastic about their work and
who make their living on the stage.
In the Philippine, the formation of
several theater groups is a fortunate
development for people interested in
theater arts.

Phillippine theater groups

1. Philippine Educational Theater
Association (PETA)
2. Tanghalang Pilipino (TP)
3. Repertory Philippines
4. New voice Company (NVC)
5. trumpets

Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)

In contrast with other theter groups.

PETA is more than a theater
It is an innovative theater group
cultivating a modern perspective on
the philippine art and society.

Tanghalang Pilipino (TP)

Organized in 1987, Tanghalan Pilipino is
another leading exponent of the Philippine
Tanghalan Pilipino is known for its
production of original Filipino plays.
Its effort to develop and train Filipino
actors, playwrights and designer through
stage plays from Philippine past and at
times, plays from other countries that were
translated or adapted to Filipino settings.

Some of its production :

1. Walang Sugat
2. Zsazsa Zaturnnah Za
3. Ibalong Muzikal

1. Walang Sugat

2. Zsazsa Zaturnnah Za Muzikal

3. Ibalong Muzikal

Repertory Philippines
Repertory Philippines Foundation, Inc
began in 1967 when two women ,
Zenaida Amador and Baby
Barredo, dreamed of giving Filipinos
a chance to watch a world-class, Miss
Julie, in their own country.
Zenaida Amador and Baby Barredo,
founders and artistic directors of
Repertory Philippines.

New Voice Company (NVC)

Internationally acclaimed theater artist
Monique Wilson founded the New Voice
Company(NVC) to help expose Philippine
audiences to an awareness of the many social
and political concerns in the country through
theater arts.
The company became famous when it
produced The Vagina Monologues abroad
and in the Philippines since 2001 to help
change the laws on sex trafficking and
domestic violence in the country.

As Asias first professional gospel
yheater group.
Trumpets is known for wholesome
family entertainment musicals such
The Little Mermaid, Joseph the
Dreamer , The Blue Bird.

What are the roles in a theater


Play production offers

many opportunities
that you may well find
more stimulating and
exciting than acting.

Who is a director?
The key figure in theater production
is the director.
His or her principal aim is to
reproduce the playwrights intentions
as faithfully as he or she can.
Director is the person upon whom
the success or failure of the
production most largely depends.

Who is stage manager?

The stage manager is in total control
of the visual aspects of the
Stage manager is the architect of the
performing arts.
Stage manager is known to cover the
kind of lighting , music and sound
effects that the director wants for all
the scenes in the production.

Responsibilities of stage
1.Set designer / production
2.Costume , mask, and
accessories designer
3.Make-up artist

Set designer / production designer

A production of a play
largely depends on the set
that set designer and
production designer have

Costume , mask, and accessories designer

Costume is also a visual element of

the theater.
They help create atmosphere and
define character for actors and
actresses so that their performances
would seem real for their audience.

Make-up artist

Makeup has several

It accentuates normal
features so that they can be
clearly projected to the
audience, and it helps to
create a character.

What are the elements of art as

applied to an original performance?
1. Theme
2. Plot
3. Characters
4. Script or libretto
5. Music or sound