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Business Plan of
Romi malik
Bikes & Lights is a startup firm which
manufactures Bicycle wheel with in built LED
strip inside the rims of bicycle which is popular in
UK. Which is stylish and makes a symbol of
SWAG on mind of children & Youngsters.

These wheel are made by metal, steel & carbon


Our target is to make India more healthier than it

Executive Summary
Our mission is to aware India & its citizens about
environment safety and to make a disease free India .

We want to create history in India and target all the

major players in India like Atlas, Hero & Hercules.

We want to make India pollution free and have a

target that every year a festival will be organize by
B&L on theme of bicycles with shining wheel .

It replaces the trend of using bikes by kids and

working class in nights.

By this we will also save our resources.

Goals & Strategies

Short term Goal- We start manufacturing

Shinning wheel at a small level and place them
to all local markets of India.

Long term Goal- Then we approach social

websites, Leading players and E-commerce
websites for the marketing and selling of our
wheel directly.
Market Analysis
World Bicycle Production, in Millions, 2006-2015

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
99 102 102 105 106 98 92 76 93 101

At least part of the increase in world bicycle production is

due to an increasing concern for the environment.

It has been widely accepted fact now that riding a bicycle is

good for human health and the environment. In recent years,
many world cities have been promoting cycling as a way to
help alleviate troublesome traffic congestion, air pollution,
and other environmental ills related to increasing
Market Analysis Cont.

At a tiny fraction of the price of cars, bicycles

become affordable to much larger portions of the
populations of developing countries long before
cars do. As of 2009, private car ownership in
China remained at just 26 million units in a
country of 1.3 billion people
Indian Market Analysis
India - Second largest manufacturer
and Third largest exporter in the world

India was the fourth largest producer of

bicycles after China, USA and Japan
from 1978 to 1991. It outsmarted USA
and Japan in 2002 to become the second
largest producer of bicycles in the world.

India produces approximately 10% of the world annual

bicycle production, which is estimated at 125 Million
units. Major players in the domestic bicycle industry are
Hero Cycles, TI, Avon & Atlas with 40%, 22%, 17% &
10% of share of volume respectively. Most cycles
manufactured & sold in India are in the low price
bracket of Rs. 2,500 to 3000
I M A Cont.
According to industry estimates, the bicycle market in India is 12 million
units a year, of which five to seven per cent are niche bicycles, a segment
now growing at 25-30 per cent annually.

In India, the traditional and the fancy segments dominate the market.
These are early days for international bikes in India as they try to establish
footprints. The buying trend is certainly picking up. In a few years, the
cycling culture will pick up. We are looking at rapid expansion and growth
in the segment

With an annual turnover of more than 12 million bicycles, the bicycle

industry is one of the most established industries in India. It has raised the
country's position to that of the second largest bicycle manufacturer in the
world, next only to China. India has seen a tremendous increase in the
number of bicycle manufacturers and bicycle exporters in the recent past.
Today, the Indian bicycle manufacturing and bicycle spares industry is well
accepted and is also widely recognized for its quality standards in
international markets.

Most bicycle components, spares and bicycle accessories in India, except for
free wheels and single piece bicycle hubs, are manufactured by the Small
Scale Sector (SSIs).
There's neither an impact on the knees nor wear
and tear; secondly, it exercises the largest muscle in
your body, the thigh muscle - if you need to burn
calories, you need to exercise your largest muscle;
the next largest one is your brain

Growing Ladies segment is one aspect that is

clearly stating the social changes that are
happening. And these changes are helping sales,
without any doubt. Growth is upwards of 35 per
cent in the ladies segment.
Parts of bicycle wheel



Manufacturing Rims
The rims are manufactured out of CRCA strips. The strip roll is
mounted on the rim-forming machine and it is formed to the
desired shape of the rim. When the strip is passing through the set
of rollers the formed strip is cut to the required length and the ends
are Welded on the butt-welding machine to make a round rim.
Financial Plan
Production Capacity- 8,000 pair per Annum
Financial Aspects-
Fixed Capital
Land- 250 sq. mtr. Rented per month -------- 10,000/-
Machinery & Equipment:
1. Rim forming machine 2,40,000/-

2. But welding machine 60,000/-

4. Butt weld grinding machine 36,000/-

5. Rim rounding machine 24,000/-

6. Rim straightening press complete 30,000/-

7. LED 30/- per meter

8. Dynamo 149/- per piece

Total estimated investment 5,000,00/-

Fixed expenses (Quarterly)
Rent Rs. 40,000 /-


Salary & Wages Rs. 2,000,00/-


other contingent expenses Rs. 44,000/-

(including transportation &

Total:- Rs. 2,84,000/-

Revenue Model

Turnover- 8,000wheel * 400/- =32,000,00/-

Cost of production- 25,00,000/-
including plant cost, rent,
machinery & tools and Salaries.

NET Profit- 7,00,000 (Approx)

Names & Address of Machinery &
Equipment Suppliers:

1. M/s.Bilco Industries, Nirankari Street No-2, Indl. Area B Ludhiana.

2. M/s. Sharma Engg. Works, Shahdara Indl. Area, New Delhi.

3. M/s. Amar Engg. & Fabricators, Plot No-5, Sector-24, NIT, Faridabad.

4. M/s. Prem Engg. Works, 22, Okhla Indl. Area, New Delhi

5. M/s. Chawla Arc Welding Transformer, 1478, S.P. Mukherjee Marg, Delhi

6. M/s. S.P. Singh & CO., G.T. Road, Dhalewal, Ludhiana.

STP Model

Segment- SWAG for (Kids & sports)

Target- Kids & Youngesters

Positioning- Wheel which relates the festival of

India (Deepawli). Replace crackers use B&L.



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