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The Sun Also

Ernes Hemingway
You Are All the Lost Generation

-Gertrude Stein
Lost Generation
Specifically a generation
after WW1

Gertrude Stein ( young

American poets )

Ernest Hemingway
One of the most important authors of 20th century
Born on July 21, 1899 Oak Park Illinois
Writing style : significant, brief and straightforward
Hemingway impressed all of the Lost Generation crew in
Paris especially Scott Fitzgerald
Had 4 women
1951 pulitzer price 3 years later Nobel price
Suffered with alcoholism, his writing ability was gone
He committed a suicide July 2 1961
Greatest work was his LIFE ( made a show of it )
Jake Barnes
Narrator, Protagonist
War veteran, working as a journalist in Paris
Heavy drinker
Struggles over his love for Brett
Lacking belief in justice, morality, manhood, love
Psychologically weak
True example of Lost Generation
Lady Brett Ashley
Strong; independent; British
Loves Jake but is unwilling to commit a
relationship with him
Has a number of affairs - but also unwilling to
commit fully to any of them
Heavy drinker
Her life - aimless and unfulfilling
Robert Cohn
Rich American, living in Paris
He distinguishes because he had no direct
experience of the WW1
Insecure and self-conscious - naive
Cohn appears to be everything Jake is not
and vice-versa
Bill Gorton - Like Jake, also a heavy drinker; war
veteran though not expatriate. Uses humor to deal
with emotional fallout of WW1
Mike Campbell - Constantly drunk; bankrupt; Scottish
war veteran. Troublesome guy
Pedro Romero - Beautiful, smart, charming 19yo guy.
His passion for bullfighting gives his life meaning and
purpose - unlike theirs.
Wilson-Harris - British war veteran. Jake and Bill met
him in Spain. Went fishing together. Had a great time.
The three of them share common bond of all
experiencing horrors of WW1
Themes;Motifs; Symbols
Aimlessness - the crew wander aimlessly in a
world that is meaningless; filling time with
drinking, fishing, watching
Insecurity ( Masculine ) - all of the man have
been damaged by the war, their sense of selves
demolished because none of what they were
taught about themselves as men seems to apply
any more.
Avoiding problems
False friendships
Metaphor for war


Its all about glory

The Norton Anthology of American Literature
Book ( The Sun Also Rises )

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