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Edgar Allan Poe Timeline

Elizabeth died
Mr. And Ms. Allan
Edgar Allan Poe is born adopted Edgar
Jun 1809 1811

1810 1815

Edgars parents Edgar went to school in

separate England and Scotland

Elizabeth Poe takes the

Edgar returns to the John Allan inherits a
United States and fortune when his uncle
continues his schooling. dies.
Florence Nightingale is John Quincy Adams is
born on May 12, in Italy. President.
1820 1825

Edgar attends the 1826
academy of William Edgar Allan Poe attends
Burke, succeeds in the University of
athletics. Virginia
Poe writes and prints
his first book,
"Tamerlane and other
1827 Poems".

Poe drops out of Poe can't support

himself so he joins the
school because John
United States Army.
Allan won't give him
any money.
Poe and John
reconcile their
1828 1829 differences.

Edgar Poe does Mrs. Allan dies, Poe applies to

well in the Edgar returns West Point,
Army, attains home. John Allan
rank of sergeant sponsors him.
He published his second book Edgar submitted a number of
Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane and minor stories to magazines. They were
poems rejected.
1830 1832

He published his third volume of
To U.S. corps of cadets this
volume is respectfully dedicated.
prize of $50 for the short story Ms found in a


John Allan die and left Edgar nothing in his will .

Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe Publishes First Novel
marries his cousin, "The Narrative of
Virginia Clemm Arthur Gordon Pym
Sep 22 1835 Jul 1838

Dec 1835 1839

Edgar Allan Poe Takes a "Tales of the Grotesque

Job as Editor of the and Arabesque" Edgar
Southern Literary Allan Poe's first volume
Messenger of short stories is
Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe
Becomes Assistant Moves to New York
Editor of Burton's and Works for the
Gentleman's New York Evening
Magazine Mirror
Jul 1839 Apr 1844

Apr 1841 Nov 1844

Edgar Allan Poe "Thou Art The Man"
Becomes the Editor at Is Published
Graham's Magazine
"The Raven"
appeared in
the Evening Poe was found
Mirror and became delirious on the
Virginia died streets of Baltimore
a popular there on January
sensation. Oct 7 1849
Jan 30 1847
Jan 29 1845

Nov 1848
1846 Poe was
Poe moved to a increasingly
cottage unstable after his
in Fordham, New wife's death
York, in what is
now the Bronx.
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