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7/29/2017 Analog Communication 1

7/29/2017 Analog Communication 2

There are three methods used to remove the unwanted

side band from the double side band signal to get a
SSB signal.

All the three methods will remove either USB or LSB,

depending on the specific circuit arrangements:

1. Filter Method
2. Phase shift Method
3. The Third Method
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 3

1. Filter Method or Frequency Discrimination

or Selective filtering method
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 4

Most common method to generate SSB-SC- AM.

This method involves generation of DSB-SC signal followed by
extraction of the desired side band using the appropriate filter.

Balanced modulator produces DSB output.

Side band suppression filter removes unwanted sideband.
The filter must have flat pass band and extremely high
attenuation outside the pass band.
In order to have this type of response Q of the tuned circuits
must be very High.
Q factor increases as the difference between modulating freq.
and carrier freq. increases.
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 5

The freq. is boosted upto the transmitter frequency by the

balanced mixer and crystal oscillator. This process of frequency
boosting is also called as up conversion.

Linear power amplifiers are used to avoid distorting the SB

signal which might results in the distraction of the modulated
information signal.

1. Bandwidth is flat and wide
2. Side band suppression upto 50dB which is quite adequate.
3. Sideband filters also helps to alternate carrier if present in the
output of the balanced modulator.
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 6

1. They are bulky
2. Repeated mixing is required if modulation takes place at
lower carrier freq.
3. For high and low radio frq. it need balanced mixers in
conjunction with extremely stable crystal oscillators.
4. At lower audio frequencies expensive filters are required.
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 7

2. Phase Shift Method or Phase cancellation

This method avoids the disadvantages of filter method.
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 8

It uses two balanced modulators instead of one. The

balanced modulators effectively eliminate the carrier.
The carrier oscillator is applied directly to the upper
balanced modulator along with the audio modulating
Then both the carrier and modulating signal are shifted
in phase by 90o and applied to the second, lower,
balanced modulator.
The two balanced modulator output are then added
together algebraically. The phase shifting action causes
one side band to be canceled out when the two
balanced modulator outputs are combined
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 9

Bulky filters are replaced by small filters.
Low audio frequencies may be used for small filters.
It can generate SSB at any freq.
Easy switching from one sideband to other sideband is possible.
To generate SSB at high radio frq. Up conversion and repetitive
mixing is not necessary.
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 10

It needs a critical phase shift n/w
The s/m needs two balanced modulations which must both give
exactly the same o/p otherwise cancellation of side band will be
Circuit layout is quite critical.
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 11

3. Third Method or Modified phase shift

method or Weavers method
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 12

It does not require SB filter or any wide band audio phase shift
Phase shift n/w is very simple RC n/w.
Correct o/p may be maintained without use of critical parts or
Low freq. can be transmitted.
Side bands may be easily switched.
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 13

Most complex system among the three methods.
Extra crystal is required for sideband switching
DC Coupling is required to avoid the loss of signal
components close to the audio carrier freq.
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 14

Modified SSB Systems

Pilot carrier SSB
In SSB systems, it is necessary to locally generate carrier signal
for the demodulator. This requires extreme stability for the local
oscillator signals used for demodulating and for the super
heterodyne converters in the receiver front end.

To avoid stability problem a low level carrier signal is

transmitted with the sideband in its proper place in the
spectrum. Such a system is called pilot carrier SSB system.
7/29/2017 Analog Communication 15

SSB Pilot carrier radio system- Transmitter

7/29/2017 Analog Communication 16