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Cantrell Morris P-8 2017-2018 School Year


Class Rules Course Description
Welcome to 6th grade English! Our focus this year will be to review
1. Respect yourself, Parts of Speech with a major focus on Pronouns, review figurative
classmates and all adults. language, Greek and Latin Roots, connotation & denotation,
2. No talking while the sentence types, and learn how to become a better writer.
teacher is talking. Vocabulary and writing will be a main component of this class. New
3. Raise your hand to speak vocabulary will be given weekly, following a vocabulary quiz every
or get out of your seat for Friday. We will be focusing on student-centered learning which
any reason. includes reciprocal teaching, small groups, projects, and whole
group discussions. You will be given the opportunity to collaborate
4. Do your OWN work and
with your classmate on a weekly basis. You will also be required to
follow ALL directions. apply for classroom jobs that will be given out bi-weekly. Please
5. No drinks, food, or other come to class prepared everyday!
distractions. What do I get if I follow class rules?
6. Hands, feet, and other Your appropriate behavior in class assures everyone of an
body parts to yourself! environment conducive to learning. Your main reward for following
rules in this class will be the knowledge you obtain. But, you will
Class Procedures also be given verbal and written praise, Dojo points, Reward
Coupons, and reignition as a Star Student and your name will be
1. Line up outside of the door displayed in the observation window.
and wait for teacher to tell you
to enter. What are the consequences if I dont follow class rules?
2. Have class materials ready
when you come into class. 1. Warning: the teacher provides a verbal or Stop sign warning.
3. Check the absent folder if 2. Seat Change: student will be moved to another seat, away from
you were absent the day other students.
before. 3. Silent Lunch/Parent contact: a phone call will be made to
4. Come into class before the parents and student will have silent lunch.
tardy bell, and come in quietly 4. Referral to Administration: a cadet will be immediately referred
and sit in your seat. to
5. Begin bellwork on the board administration for severe behavior problems.
(there will be something to do
Where do I go to find agendas and assignments?
EVERYDAY!) Edmodo: students will be given classroom code and will also be
required to check Edmodo on a daily basis for reminders,
Class Expectations assignments, and due dates.
Assignments and due dates will be written on the front board. You
1. Work hard!
will be asked daily to write down due dates and assignments in
2. Ask questions only AFTER
your notebook.
you have tried something What happens if I turn in an assignment late?
yourself. Work not completed and turned in by the assigned date is considered
3. Have a positive attitude. late. If a student is absent on the date work is due, the assignment is
4. Come into class ready to due the first day the student returns to school. COMPLETED LATE
work EVERYDAY. WORK will only receive partial credit and will be deducted -5 points for
everyday it is late. INCOMPLETE LATE WORK will not be graded and
I will give you my 100 percent will result in a zero for the assignment. Student must fill out a late-work
everyday and I expect the form and attach form to the missing assignment. Parents will be notified
if work is not completed.
same in return! 256-428-7320 1
Mrs. Cantrell Morris P-8 2017-2018 School Year

Grade Scale How will I check my grade in class?

Progress reports will go out every 4 weeks. You can also check
A = 100-90 B= 89-80 your grade using the INow code that will be given to you. You will
need to use the INow Parent login portal.
C = 79-70 D= 69-60
What do I do if I am absent?
F= 59 or lower
Always check the absent binder, Edmodo and front board for any
missing work. A student has two extra days to turn in any work
assigned on a day a student was absent. If a quiz was
administered on a day a student was absent, the quiz must be
made up in at least three days the student returns. If previously
assigned work was due on the day of the absence, the work is due
on the first day the student returns otherwise it is considered late
and be deducted -5 points for every day it is late.
Do I have homeowrk?
All students will be given homework throughout the year. It will not
be daily, but it could be weekly depending on what we complete in
class. You should be prepared to turn in your homework, or be
ready for a homework check, though homework checks will be
Grade Breakdown done randomly.
What types of writing will I do this year?
Assessments/Quizzes= Bingo Writing: You will be required to write 5 narratives every 4
60% weeks using the Bingo board. These writings will be due at the end
of every 4 nine weeks
(vocabulary, writing, grammar,
Narrative: you will be required to write a reflective narrative, as
projects, etc.)
well as other stories throughout the year.
Classwork = 40% Argumentative: you will be required to write an argumentative
(homework, group work, group paper and conduct research on your topic.
presentations, etc.) Informative/Expository: you will be required to complete a project
based written assignment to inform someone of doing something.
Research Project: you will be conducting a research project on a
country. This project will have three parts and will be a three-part
test grade.
Write Time: We will be using Write Time in class. Each student will
be newastrategies
given workbook.willThis
we be doing inwill
workbook class?
stay in class.
Reciprocal teaching: you will be teaching the class content
Supplies throughout the year, starting with Parts of Speech.
Supplies will be provided for Small-group assignments: you will be given information on a
each student, but supplies specific topic with instructions to complete your assignment
Socratic Seminar/Fish Bowl: you will be required to answer
are limited. questions about specific things we learn about in class, and
Each student will receive an discuss those topics with your classmates.
interactive notebook, grade Are classroom jobs a requirement?
folder, and Write Time You will be given the opportunity to apply for classroom jobs at the
workbook. beginning of the year and again after Christmas break. Classroom
BE RESPECTFUL of the jobs will be a requirement for everyone and apart of your daily
supplies or they will not grade assessment. You must have completed at least one job at
exist! the end of the semester to receive credit. Jobs will be given to
students bi-weekly. 256-428-7320 2
Mrs. Cantrell Morris P-8 2017-2018 School Year


Please sign below to signify that you have read the course sheet for Mrs. Cantrells class, will keep it in your
folder, and will be responsible for the information throughout the year, and will check Parent Portal at least
twice per week at school or at home.

_______________________________ _____________________________________________
Student printed name Student signature

Check all the statements that apply to how you would like to communicate with Mrs. Cantrell about your
students progress. I will, of course, call for major concerns or accomplishments, but with approximately 130
students, I like to know how youd prefer to communicate.

_____ I/We have internet access at home, so we will check Parent Portal at least twice per week to check on
my/our students progress. I/We will contact Mrs. Cantrell about any concerns we have.

_____ I/We plan to email Mrs. Cantrell weekly or monthly for an update.

_____ I/We do not have internet access at home, but I/we would like to have regular contact with Mrs.
Cantrell. I/we will call for an update on a regular basis.

_____ Other:

Please sign below to indicate that you have read the course sheet for Mrs. Cantrells class and that you will help
your student be accountable for the information. If you have questions about the course or your
students work, please do not hesitate to contact me; email is the best way to reach me quickly. See the front
of this sheet for my email address.

_______________________________ _____________________________________________
Parent/Guardian printed name Parent/Guardian signature

_______________________________ ______________________________________________
Parent/Guardian e-mail Parent/Guardian daytime phone number
(please print)

Parents and guardians, please CIRCLE the best way for me to contact you:
e-mail phone