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Date: 02-08-17

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Salesforce What is it?

Why move to Salesforce?

Some facts and figures

What Paragyte offers

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Salesforce What is it?
A Short Description

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The worlds leading cloud-based Customer Relationship Management

(CRM) platform for sales, service, and marketing.

Does not require IT experts for setting up or managing your


Offers a unique way to connect with your customers


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Why move to SALESFORCE?
An Assessment

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Why move to SALESFORCE?


Prompts organizations to think beyond the Instant access to detailed customer information
muddle of filing cabinets. enables employees to provide better service to
Encourages to use technologies that accurately
quantifies and categorizes data for future Cloud-based architecture enables information to be
reference. accessed from any device.

Allows to store and retrieve customer Enables employees to contact customers regardless
information instantly due to its cloud-based of location.
Reduces the burden on customer support
Allows access to the same information across departments.
various departments in an organization.

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Why move to SALESFORCE?


Ancillary chores such as form-filling, report Reduces or totally eliminates instances of data
generation, etc., related to every transaction are miscalculation.
Seamlessly integrate with third-party tools to
Task automation enables employees to focus generate automatic reports, both on-demand or
more on customer pain points than on other scheduled.
Allows creation of personalized dashboards to locate
Employees can easily access emails, calendar information quickly.
items, and phone call information from a single
location. Accurate reports result in organizations making
educated and well-informed business decisions.
Allows multiple teams to work seamlessly in
achieving organization goals through a satisfied

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A Study

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What PARAGYTE Offers?
A Proposition

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What PARAGYTE Offers

Paragyte Technologies offers the following Salesforce consulting services:

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Salesforce Customization Services are

Existing Solution Customization

We customize your existing Salesforce solution as per your current business requirements. The solutions we put in
place are designed keeping future requirement changes in mind.

Custom Consoles
Customized Salesforce consoles simplifies everyday CRM tasks and streamline processes. Our specialists can help in
creating bespoke solutions and training your staff so that everyone is one the same page.

Custom Email Services

Follow up and communicate with your customers better through custom emails. Leverage Salesforce to define your
specific fields, objects, and relationships to give your emails that personal touch.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

We offer budget-friendly customization of Salesforce CRM to build features that produce custom reports. Our
services also include revamping your internal dashboards as per your business needs.
App Customization
CUSTOMIZATION Reshape your Salesforce mobile apps to connect with your customers better than ever before. Introduce custom
tabs and features making apps more appealing and user-friendly.

Data and Access Management Customization

We revamp data management wizards, access management connectors, and third-party integrators to build a
complete BI solution for you.

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Salesforce Integration Services are

Salesforce Data Integration

We can integrate multiple frameworks and synchronize their data so that the resulting setup contains genuine
information. Our experts have extensive experience in Master Data Management (MDM) techniques, information
administration, and other processes.

Process Integration
We can integrate processes that require complex planning, testing, and exception handling. It typically impacts
multiple applications and can easily get messy. But worry not - our experts can guide you through each step of the
integration process.

Identity and Security Integration

We can set up and configure authentications to applications for secure administration through Salesforce security
integration and facilitate cross-application sign-in utilizing Salesforce identity integration solutions.

SALESFORCE Integration with Internal Applications

We provide Salesforce integration services with on-premise applications such as ERP, Databases, Legacy systems,
INTEGRATION Website, Accounting, Inventory, Order Management, Data Warehouse, Flat files, XML files, etc.

Integration with Cloud Services

Our service spectrum encompasses cloud framework integration with Salesforce. Popular cloud-based frameworks
we cover include Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, and many more.

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Salesforce Migration Services are

Migrate Sugar to Salesforce

We can bypass the complexities and hurdles of transferring data from Sugar CRM to Salesforce with our easy
migration strategies. Let our experts show you how a smooth and accurate migration is carried out.

Migrate Siebel to Salesforce

We never let mobility, user interface, and integration issues of Oracle Siebel CRM bog us down. Our experts can
make a smooth move to Salesforce without any difficulties.

Migrate Other Legacy Setups to Salesforce

Paragyte can help you migrate many other legacy CRM setups such as MS Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, Sage CRM, as
well as QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets to the cloud-based Salesforce platform.

Migrate Zoho to Salesforce

Our teams move beyond free migration tools packed with risks. We can securely migrate leads, accounts,
opportunities, relations, tasks, and contacts from Zoho to Salesforce.
Migrate Act to Salesforce
MIGRATION Do you wish to export your Contacts and other data from Act without getting into complicated procedures? Allow
us to migrate your data to Salesforce swiftly and accurately.

Upgrade Existing Salesforce Setup

Our specialists can handle Salesforce Version Upgrades. Equip your existing Salesforce setup with the latest updates
and features using our simple techniques.

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Salesforce Development Services are

Salesforce App Development

We can integrate Salesforce into your processes with the help of apps developed and customized to suit your
organizations specific requirements. We specialize in the creation of Visualforce pages, Apex classes, S-controls,
Triggers, Views, Page Layouts, and Workflows.

Remodeling Existing Salesforce Setup

Allow us to extend the functionality of your existing Salesforce solution to include new features and customizations
as per the fluctuating needs of your business.

Building Lightning Components

We are experts in creating user-friendly app front-ends using Lightning Components and Javascript

Cloud Solutions Development

Our services include a range of custom development solutions including cloud application solutions development
on the platform.
DEVELOPMENT Automated Workforce
Our Salesforce solutions can automate your business workflows and streamline business processes. We can build
custom dashboards, templates, and reports that you can use for different business processes.

UI / UX Development
We realize how critical it is for your business to maintain its branding. Thus, we offer Salesforce-powered
specialized development services for building custom UI and UX.

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Salesforce Administration, Support and Training

We offer proactive monitoring of your Salesforce implementation, identifying the areas of improvement,
recommended courses of action, development of best practices, and creating an improvement plan.

Help Desk
Consult us about Salesforce products, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our highly trained reps are
standing by, ready to help, 24x7.

Email Administration
We assist you with workflow email alerts, creation/modification of email templates, mail merge templates, and
much more.

Architecture Review
Let us review your implementation architecture and perform required enhancements like creation or modification
SALESFORCE of custom objects, record types, fields, page layouts, custom links and buttons, and introduction of junction
ADMINISTRATION objects, if necessary.

We assist in user management, security management, standard and custom object maintenance, data
management, and package maintenance

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Salesforce Administration, Support and Training (Contd.)

Ad-hoc and Strategic Support

We are more than willing to help you with one-time ad-hoc support needs as well as long term strategic support.

Security Model Enhancements

Our teams can help you with modifying and implementing organization-wide defaults, owner and criteria based
sharing rules, session management, etc.

End-user Training
Paragyte can empower your team with the Salesforce expertise they need and upgrade their skill level through
SALESFORCE basic and advanced training of Salesforce concepts and strategies.

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Thank You! +1 917 909 8646

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