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PID Control Function

The PID Control of AMD
The Function of PID Control
Using PID Control Function
How to set up PID Parameters

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The PID Control of AMD
The following table shows examples of PID control
applications using the AMD
Application Control Details Example of sensor

Speed Control Feeds back machinery speed Tachometer

information, and matches speed to Generator
the target value.
Pressure Feeds back pressure information, and Pressure Sensor
Control performs constant pressure control.

Flow Rate Feeds back flow rate information, and Flow Rate Sensor
Control controls the flow rate highly
Temperature Feeds back temperature information, Thermocouple
Control and performs temperature adjustment Thermistor
control by rotating the fan.

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Speed PID Control
Speed PID control is used to maintain a
constant motor speed regardless of the
changing load on the motor.
The feedback sensor is an encoder connected
to PG card to program PID speed control.

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Process PID Control
The Process PID Control can be used to control
application parameters that can be measured by
a sensor (i.e. pressure, temperature, flow) and
be affected by the connected motor through a
pump, fan or otherwise.

Heat Generator


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The Characteristics of the PID Control
P control: Outputs the amount of operation
proportional to the deviation. You cant, however,
set the deviation to zero using P control alone.
I control: Outputs the amount of operation that
integrates the deviation. Used for matching
feedback value to the target value. I control isnt
suited, however, to rapid variations.
D control: Outputs the amount of operation
derived from the deviation. It can respond
promptly to rapid variations.

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Using PID Control
1. Select PID control target value input
2. Select PID control feedback input
3. Select positive PID feedback or negative
PID feedback.
4. Adjustment PID gain.

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How to adjust P Gain
(Suitable P Gain)
Target Value P gain is a proportional value. The
deviation value will be increased
Feedback Value by proportion to activate the
control system.

(unsuitable P Gain)
Adjust P Gain, and set I & D
Target Value gain to 0
Feedback Value

(unsuitable P Gain)
Target Value

Feedback Value

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The Tuning Result of P Gain

KP = 40
KP = 20 KP = 10

Target Value

KP = 5

Time (sec)

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How to adjust I Gain
I gain is the integral time. If vibration occurs with
a longer cycle than the integral time, the integral
operation is too strong. Lengthen the integral
time to suppress the vibration.
Suitable I Gain
Target Value

Feedback Value
Unsuitable I Gain

Target Value

Feedback Value

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How to adjust D Gain
If vibration occurs when the vibration
cycle is short, and the cycle is almost
identical to the derivative time, the
differential operation is too strong.
Shorten the derivative time to suppress
Long Derivative Time
Target Value
Short Derivative Time

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