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22-24 September FTX

Mission: Revolutionary Guard Battalion conducts Field Training
Exercise NLT 1200 22 September in order to instill Basic Soldier skills into
Commander's Intent:
Each Cadet increases their understanding of Basic Soldier Skills, PMI, and
Land Navigation.
Concept of Operation:
Phase 1: Accountability & Movement to Ft. Eustis
Phase 2: PMI/Obstacle Course Round Robin/ Patrol Base Operations
Phase 3: Day Land Navigation & Patriot Lanes
Phase 4: Team Building Event
Phase 5: Reconsolidation/FAAR/Movement back to Campus
0945 22 SEP Fromation
1000 22 SEP Mvmt to Ft. Eustis
1200 22 SEP PMI Round Robin Commo: CASVAC: Resources
1800 22 SEP Patrol Base Operations Primary- Radio Primary: Tan Van to Bon Class I
0700 23 SEP Day Land Nav Secondary- Cell Secours Mary Immaculate Class II
1300 23 SEP Patriot Lanes Contingency- Hospital Class VIII
0600-0900 24 SEP Team Build. Event Runner Alternate: POV to Bon
0900 24 SEP FAAR Emergency- Voice Secours Mary Immaculate
1000 24 SEP Tear Down Hospital 1
1100 24 SEP Mvmt back to Campus
Tasks to Troops
- PMI Obstacle Course Round Robin:

McDermott & Stone: Rotate around each station to supervise and refine

Lynch & Chisolm: Assembly and Disassembly

Jolly, Tamke, & Sterling: Fundamentals of Marksmanship

Ralston & Garcia: Obstacle Course

Doyle & Gelles: Battle Drill 9, react to indirect fire

Thornton & Stolpe: Priorities of Work within a Patrol Base

Lyden, Cooper, & Cech: ASIP Radio assembly

Tasks to Troops Continued
- Day Land Nav:

McDermott & Stone: TOC, supervision and refinement as


Ralston & Chisolm: TOC, lane strip handout/ return & grading

Tamke & Sterling: Roving MSIVs #1

Jolly & Thornton: Roving MSIVs #2

Doyle & Garcia: Checkpoint/ Waterpoint #1

Lynch & Gelles: Checkpoint/ Waterpoint #2

Cech & Stolpe: Checkpoint/ Waterpoint #3

Lyden, Cooper: Checkpoint/ Waterpoint #4

Tasks to Troops Continued
Patriot Lanes:

Ralston & Gelles: Movement Techniques (Team/Squad/Platoon)

Cooper & Tamke: Call for Fire

Thornton & Garcia: Battle Drill 1 React to Direct Fire Contact, Battle Drill 3 Break Contact

Lyden & Chisolm: Battle Drill 2A Conduct a Squad Assault

Cech & Stolpe: Battle Drill 4 React to Near Ambush

Doyle & Sterling: TC3/Battle Drill 6 Enter and Clear a Room

Tasks to Troops Continued
- Team Building Exercise:

McDermott & Stone: TOC, Rotation through stations to supervise and refine

Ralston, Lyden, Cech & Stolpe: TOC, injured cadet retrival

Jolly & Tamke: Exercise Station #1 (Egg drop)

Lynch & Garcia: Exercise station #2 (Group memory exercise)

Doyle & Sterling: Exercise station #3 (The minefeild)

Thorton, Cooper, Chisolm & Gelles: Tear down prep, ensure equipment is retrieved by the
proper school.
End States
- All Cadets receive PMI instruction.

- All Cadets complete Day Land Navigation.

- All Cadets receive training inBasic Soldier Skills

- Key Tasks:

- TC3


- Communication training/ Radio Ops

- Call for Fire

- Battle Drills
Scheme of Maneuver
- Land Navigation
0430- Wake up

0430-0500- Stand to

0500-0545- Personal hygiene, chow, patrol base breakdown

0545-0600- Movement to TOC, accountability

0600-0630- Land nav brief, safety brief, lane strips issued

0630-0700- Plotting, pace & compass check

0700-1200- Day land navigation

1200- 1215 Land Navigation ends, grading, accountability

1215-1245- Chow

1245-1300- Movement to Patriot Lanes

Scheme of Maneuver Continued