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Cedar Peak Condominium

A Living In The City Of Pines

About The Company
We live in a world where fast is always considered better. Everything
was supposed to be done yesterday. Efficiency is a common theme.
Trying to shave off a few seconds here and there was common practice
and is considered good because time is money. The less time we
spend doing one thing is more time spent on doing another. There are
things that can benefit from this. But building quality products and trust
don't. Some things take time. Taking extra time does not equate to
inefficiency. Sometimes, it means planning out every detail. It is not just
shaving a few minutes here and there, it's actually spending it wisely
and carefully. We avoid errors so that, in turn, we avoid wasting time.
VRDC was not created strictly for profit. VRDC was conceived because
it saw an opportunity to build on something for the improvement of
society. In everything that VRDC plans, careful consideration has been
made, be it in the environment, to the materials used and the location of
the site.
Companies Mission & Vision
Company Vision
To be a leading provider of dwelling
solutions relevant to todays and tomorrows
Company Mission
We are committed to deliver real estate
developments that will cater to the needs of
home owners and investors
We Present To You Cedar Peak
Vicinity Map
Residential Unit Mix
Studio/ Suite 25.8 to 32 sqm
1 Bedroom 41 to 50.9 sqm
1 Bedroom special 54.2 sqm
2 Bedroom 53.9 to 62.4 sqm

All the units are sold on a per unit basis.

Price per square meter is only indicative.
Unit Finishes
Laminated wood flooring
Painted wall finish
Lavatory (kitchen and comfort room)
Tile flooring in the comfort room
Granite counter top
the above mention finishes subject to change
Building Security Features
CCTV around the common area
24/7 security
Exclusive entrance and lobby for unit
Separate elevators for mall and
Studio Unit Perspective
One Bedroom Unit
Two Bedroom Unit
Retail Centre
To add value and convenience, CEDAR
PEAK will have 3 floors of retail shops
that will cater to the unit owners and

The commercial units will be a mix of

retail shops, casual dining and stores that
will cater to the daily needs of the unit

Parking units will be available for lease

to the unit owners and visitors.
Construction Is In Full Swing
Unit Price
Studio Suite 25.8 to 32 sqm
-Php 2,656,800.00 to 3,520,000.00

1 Bedroom 41 to 50.9 sqm

-Php 4,565,000.00 to Php 5,599,000.00

1 Bedroom Special 54.2 sqm

-Php 5, 929,000.00 to Php 6,210,000.00

2 Bedroom 53.9 to 62.4 sqm

-Php 5,929,000.00 to Php 7,020,000.00

All the units are sold on a per unit basis. Price per square meter
is only indicative. (Price will change without prior notice)
5 Payment Option

OPTION A: 95/5 95% 30 days after reservation (less reservation)/5%upon turn

5% discount over

OPTION B: 50/50 50% down payment (less reservation)/50% spread over 24

3% discount months

OPTION C: 20/80(24) 20% Down payment (less reservation)/80% spread over 24

1.5% discount months

OPTION D: 15/15/15/15/40
1.5% discount 15% every 6 months 40% due on the 24th month

OPTION E: 20/20(23)/60(due
on the 24th month) 20% down payment, 20% spread over 23 months, 60% on
1.5% discount the 24th month


How To Invest A Unit
For Reservations and Inquiry
You May Contact me via:
Hotline Number:
SMART-(+63)928.8968.608 (Viber, Line, WeChat, Kakaotalk)
TimonsCabansi (Username)
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