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Authors Purpose &

Point of View
RI.2.6: I can figure out an
authors point of view or
purpose in a text and
explain how it is expressed
in the text
What is authors purpose?

The authors purpose is the reason why

someone wrote something.
Get PIEED with Authors Purpose
1. Persuade
2. Inform
3. Entertain
4. Explain
5. Describe
To Persuade

The author tries to get

you to do something or
agree with what he or
she is saying
To Inform

The author gives

true, factual
information about
a topic.
To Entertain

The author writes

something for the
readers enjoyment.
To Explain

The author gives

directions on how
to do something or
tells the steps in a
To Describe
As soon as I opened the
The author uses door and stepped into Aunt
descriptive words Mabes house, the aroma of
(often invoking the warm blueberries rushed
forward to greet me. I
5 senses) and many followed the scent into the
details to tell kitchen, where my gaze fell
upon a blueberry pie with a
about a topic. beautiful, perfectly golden
lattice crust.
Authors Perspective
While reading a book, readers see and experience the
events and feelings about the characters through a
certain point of view, which is called a perspective.
The AUTHORS PERSECTIVE is how an author feels about
the topic he or she is writing about
A writer may narrate the story from his perspective,
or from a characters perspective. Its purpose is to
make the voice of a writer distinctive from other
In Order to understand the authors purpose
you have to figure out their Point-of View!
Authors Point of View is the authors perspective and thoughts
about a topic.
If you and your best friend both take a picture of MMS would it be
the same picture???
To determine point of view you first have to know what the main
idea of the article is.
Then you need to determine what perspective the story or article is
1st Person: I, Me, My, We, Our
2nd Person: You, yours
3rd Person: They, She, He, Theirs
3rd Person gets a little more complicated
3rd Person Limited
Only from the point of view of one character, for example Harry.
3rd Person Omniscient
Knows everything about how many characters think, for example Harry,
Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, AND Voldemort.
Like a fly on the wall who sees and knows all
Or what it would be like if the walls could literally talk and were psychic