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Dark Matter

Isaac Riggs
What is Dark Matter
Dark matter is a
theoretical type of
matter which is made
up of
particles, and takes
So far the Dark matter hypothesis
up 84.5% of total is a central point for most
mass. astronomical theories, and the
modeling of cosmic structure
Who found it
There is no one person who have thought of the possibilities of dark matter. There
are four.
In 1884 Lord Kelvin had the first hypothesis on the concept of dark matter saying
that, Many of our stars, may have dark bodies.
In 1906 Henri Poincare discussed Kelvins work.
In 1932 Jan Oort was the first to try and study this elusive matter in the local
galactic neighborhood.
Finally in in 1933 Fritz Zwicky studied galactic clusters and came to the same
conclusion of dark matter.
Is there dark matter on Earth
The quick answer is no dark matter seems go
straight through planets only affected by
The long answer is maybe, dark matter is
around us, following us, in a sense. But can
never touch us.
What would dark matter
look like if we could see it
Dark matter would
look like specks of
dust flying through
space passing through
anything and
everything, only
touching gravity, and
being attracted to light