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Electronic system that enables banks customer to access various financial transaction

Online Banking
Strategic Responsible for planning and decision making
level Eg : Decide to provide additional services to their customer
in online banking

Use Serve Banking Subsystem and Database Subsystem to

restore and store customer information
Make sure information consistency to know the behaviour of

Operational Customer can reach customer service at anytime

level Help the bank to have a deeper understanding of the
weakness of the Online Banking System

Reduce the cost of both bank and Lack of security
Affect the reliability of customer
Enhance customer satisfaction of and reputation of bank
the bank
Increase competitive advantages of
the bank
One of the processes in system design that
produce the detailed data model of a database
It can produce data dictionary or data
definition language DESIGN
Important : Security elements included in the
data design especially customers database
that are highly confidential and sensitive

EG: Database Management System (DBMS)

Process design
Components of Information System
It is being used to develop a detailed specification for the program modules

* Overall plan or model for the system

DESIGN SPECIFICATION * Purpose is to present the system design at

DOCUMENT a level that can be directly traced to the
specific system objectives
Installation and

Objectives : Ensure business and human objectives are met

Implementation mindset is built on a bedrock of sufficient rigor and discipline on

the human side of organizational changes

Programming which is the system specifications from the design stage and then translated
into a software program code

Can be used by X banks to improve the security of codes for internet banking system ~ not
allowed to access to the codes
~ codes standards for login or opening cannot be changed in the monitoring centre level

Few approaches to enhance coding : In House Development

: Enterprise Resources Planning System