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 Extensive 20 years of experience of leading multi

geographical operations in service assurance, business

transformation and customer service operations .
 Past experience with Reliance Info as business excellence
responsible for Deployment of COPC & Six Sigma design.
 Sacrifice, Prioritization and Discipline resulted in the launch
of the book Monetizing Innovation ( Bloomsburg, 2016)
 Completed various assignments in domain of Strategy,
Innovation, Customer operations and Business
 Discipline and dedication for work is the essence of success.
 Atithi Devo Bhava - अतितिदे वोभव - ‘The guest is equivalent
to God’.
 Mahatma Gandhi quotes – ‘we are dependent on the customer,
customer is not an interruption in our work , he is the purpose of
life, our existence’.
 Innovation = Creation + Commercialization + Business
 Buttom line - But just be conscious – be conscious that you are
more than your designation.
Candidate should be flexible and who can
handle pressure

Should Have a dream, follow it with heart,

do something everyday for the cause you
want to achieve.

Run after excellence, success will run after


Motivation – work for a cause

Become a Result oriented professional and

has strong influencing, pursuance and
collaborative skills.
 Ms. Kainaz is a well rounded customer retail professional
with 11+ years of progressive track record in bringing in
consumer thinking in retail operations, product buying &
merchandising management as well as promotion,
planning and BTL execution excellence.
 Her statement – ‘ Be open to all opportunities that come in your
way & Get along with the flow’.
 Diversity handling is important as we have our porpulation
of various cultures and various backgrounds.
 We can never know everything .
 Everyday is a new day
 Reality check – balance your professional life and personal life.
 A retail manager's goal is to maximize productivity.
Store staffs likely include inexperienced, part-time or
seasonal employees. Retail hours are long. Sales targets
may seem unreachable. Yet, in this setting, good retail
managers survive. They are interrelated and
 Primary skills required - Managing time, Recruiting
and supervising staff, Building skilled and motivated
sales and service teams, Managing change.
•Delegating responsibility
•Aligning staff people and Qualities of a good retail
their roles so that cross-
training and cooperation can
•Identifying and securing • Know when to solve a
resources so people can do
problem immediately,
Key their jobs well.

Challenges •Motivating the team to work when to put something

together and support each
for Retail other even in stressful off and when to
Managers times. delegate.
•Leveraging individual
differences and valuing • Eliminate time wasters.
•Managing transition & • Handle interruptions.
Championing innovation.
•Reducing resistance to
• Say "no" to
change. unreasonable demands.
• Effective retail managers encourage and
facilitate self-management among their
How to • Communicating and evaluating
performance standards by focusing on
Lead, specific behaviors and outcomes.
• Using appropriate reinforcement
Not Just techniques.
• Gaining commitment to performance
Manage • Maintaining an atmosphere that values
sharing information in downward,
Staff upward and peer-to-peer directions.
• Coaching for results.
• Setting realistic goals and follow-up
 Padmini Misra – as the Sr Vice President & Global Head –
Human Resources and Administration based at Mumbai with cox
& Kings.
 She has served in leadership positions for global corporations in
the Service Industry has given her an opportunity to work closely
with Industry leaders and participate in strategic decisions with
substantial revenue impact. Padmini has worked in the Hospitality,
ITES, Retail & Travel Trade.
 Majority of her engagements in the last 32 years have been with
startups – either by way of establishing a new function or a
company. She has led projects in both hotels and IT/ITES in
India, Romania, Singapore , Germany & USA .
 As a strategic advisor to business, Padmini has developed
a broad spectrum of HR, leadership and organizational
skills & competencies. More specifically, been responsible
for defining strategic human capital agenda, talent
management, CXO level hiring, development, coordination
and communication of HR strategy, differentiated reward
strategy, diversity programs, management of culture,
effective management of complex and large system
changes, leadership development and organization
 Padmini has built teams from scratch more than once, and
mastered the art of achieving commercial outcomes
through HR strategy at all levels of hierarchy.


Management Dealing with
and Problem Grey
Solving Essential Skills of
Human Resources

Dual Focus Negotiation

Discrete and Communicatio

Ethical n
 First Decide weather the customer is on asset side or liability
 We can get leads from newspaper, balance sheets, dividend
declaration, industry data base, industrial estate/units,
colleagues of other depts. & competitions.
 The call ahead – decide who will be calling, plan your call,
research the prospective, find the right person to call, rehearse
the script.
 The actual call – first ask about them, seek out personal
connect, look at a referral, keep notes for later reference, send
out a follow up email/letter/ connect on, linkedin to register
The Persistence
Factor –

call well before

try to help out in product launch
area unrelated to
product sale.

try not to sell in

first 2
calls/meetings –
self less calling
make it about
keeps lead warm
expansion where
sell meeting rather
than product

Be in a relative Be enthusiastic
quiet place and involved

Minimise Know your

distractions part really well

Try to help out Be ready to

in area unrelated answer
to product sale questions
Turn that
around to Done try to sell
promote every product
shinning at once

Accept if a
Pick the key
certain product

Be aware of
Pick low cost
others for cross
products first
sell opportunity
know your know your
product customer

know your
Know your
Through market data

Industry bodies

Trade magazines

export bodies
Foreign exchange

Industry policies

Government Tax implications


 Make the pitch “customer oriented” v/s “sales oriented” –
sensitize customer to his need and why your product answers
that need.
 communication – clarity is the key
 Deal with the right person
 Sensitize internal teams – all processes need to move
smoothly for sales to go through .
 Conflict management – don’t hide when there is a problem.
Understand and attempt to resolve
 Sustained interaction – communication must be continuous –
even during lull phases , then response is quicker when deal is
 Leverage your reference – every time a sale goes well –
request reference. Personal lead verses cold call is key. Subtle
domino sales can be very effective in initial stage
 Promoting achievements – publicize your company, product ,
achievements through an engaging websites. Leverage on
networking sites . Place advertisement on trade magazines etc
 Targeted tie ups – with suppliers of other products to
identified customers
 India is about cost advantage – be an encyclopedia on this
aspect and use it to the maximum
 Social media is one of the most powerful tools in your
marketing arsenal. ... To benefit from social media, you
need to build a clear strategy that takes into account what
you're trying to achieve, who your customers are and
what your competition is doing.
 Create social media marketing objectives and goals. The
first step to any social media marketing strategy is to
establish the objectives and goals that you hope to achieve.
 These goals should be aligned with your broader
marketing strategy, so that your social media efforts drive
toward your business objectives .

People and Financial

culture performance
strategy strategy

Operational Customer
excellence experience
strategy strategy
 Increase enterprise profitable growth
 Delivering business results
 Business strategy formulation
 Digital business strategy
 Social media, cloud, mobility, big data
 Digital channels formulation
 Business innovation
 Customer experience management
 Operational cost optimization
 Business strategy execution

Mobility Big data

and and
devices analytics
 Writing is a means of
 Primary aim of business is
winning, keeping and growing
 Important to have great
communication between
organization and employees.
 Everybody is in ‘Trance’ stage of
mind all the time.
 Creative writing is meant to be
‘hypnotic’ in nature.
Write down your marketing

Stretch yourself towards

impossible goals

Get out of your own EGO and

get into your clients EGO .

Make your writing

 Today customers are looking for services from products ….
& products from services. Marketing of both is
 Products are becoming commodities – services are required
to create differentiation.
 Market is wanting solutions – not vanilla products .
 Increasing complexity/technology improvement - making
services a mandatory part of the product offerings.
 SERVICE is the
process that creates
benefits by
facilitating a desired
change in customers
themselves, physical
assets, intangible

Perishibility Heterogeneity

production &

Create 2nd level – tangibilize the

intangible strategies for
creating 2nd level.

 Making service person or

equipment based.
 Use of facts, figures and
 Use of technology
 Personalization of services.
Strategies for
creating 2nd level

Price or quality/ level of


Post purchase
material – souvenirs, Creating references
gifts, thank you letters,
suggestion forms.

Stress on proper physical

Communication material
Sangita Sanjay Behl Dhruv Govind
Reddy CEO Shringi Shrikhande
Executive Raymonds Cofounder MD
Director & CEO Shoppers
Apollo Yatra Stop
Hospitals Online
According to Trust Research Advisory (TRA) and based on
primary research conducted , close to 2,450 consumers across
16 cities – TATA was at number 7 in 2016 & at number 4 in
India's Most Attractive Brands 2017.
 Samsung had occupied the third place in 2016 and LG and
Sony piped to regain the top slot.
 Honda grabbed the 5th position, followed by Apple, Maruti
Suzuki, Hewlett Packard, Bajaj, Dell.
 Reliance jumped on to 15 places to occupy the 11th position,
while Patanjali vaulted to the 12th place from 87th rank in
 India’s most valued Internet
companies — Flipkart and Ola — are
grouping together with peers
including travel portal MakeMyTrip to
launch an industry body that will
represent the interests of local
ventures and aim to create a moat
against deep-pocketed global rivals,
in one of the world’s most prized
markets for digital commerce.
 The formation of the lobby group
signals an aggressive stance by the
country’s top Internet entrepreneurs,
who have been insistent in their
demand for policy support.
 “The main thrust of the lobby group
will be to persuade the government
that homegrown startups should
dominate the local Internet
Programmatic is smart
advertising based on
automated artificial
intelligence and algorithms,
it’s an evident need of every
smart business in the Digital
competition is
Programmatic unexpectedly
is the right-fit high and cash
to the is critically
changing limited,
marketing resource
demands of optimization
the smart is the only key
brands in the to success and
smart age. survival for

In the palpably
transformative digital
scenario, businesses require
concrete marketing solutions.
DGCA’s new draft rules green light commercial delivery
 “Affiliate Marketing is the magic that
turns ordinary people into
Millionaires & Generates Millions for
 The basic idea behind it is “Revenue
 It has two sides to it. First, if you’re a
business, you can offer a percentage
of your sales as an incentive to the
person who promoted the sale and
made it happen. On the other hand, if
you have no product to sell, but want
to earn money, you can promote a
product and receive an incentive from
the sale.
Popular Channels used by
Businesses and Affiliate

Comparison Engines Blogs

Email Newsletters Coupon sites

Social Media
That’s the beauty of Affiliate Marketing. With that said, it’s
true that you can’t become a millionaire overnight. But, with
the right planning and successful strategies, there’s indeed no
limit to the income you make via affiliate marketing.