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With the European and American

influences brought by colonizers, it

was inevitable that the musical styles
of 20th century Western composers
found their way into Philippine
compositions. It is the combination
of western and traditional music.
(1883 – 1952)
Francisco Santiago (1889-
Nicanor Abelardo (1893-1934)
Antonio J. Molina (1894-
Lucio San Pedro (1913-
Cipriano “Ryan” Cayabyab
Col. Antonino R. Buenaventura
Alfredo S. Buenaventura
Rodolfo S. Cornejo (1909-1991)
Hilarion Rubio Y. Francisco (1902-
Rosendo E. Santos, Jr. (1922-
Antonino Buenaventura

Francisco Musical directing and Harana, Pandanggo -Outstanding

Buencamino scoring and film ni Neneng, Himig Composer
music ng Nayon
Nicanor Combined European Cinderella Overture, -Triumvirate of
Abelardo Romanticism and Mutya ng Pasig, Filipino
Chromaticism Nasaan Ka Irog, Composers
20th modern style of Magbalik Ka Hirang
Francisco Romantic in Style Pilipinas kong -Triumvirate of
Santiago Incorporating Mahal, Kundiman Filipino
western forms and (Anak Dalita) Composers
techniques with Hibik ng Pilipinas -Father of
folk materials Kundiman

Antonio Molina Impressionism Hatinggabi, Awit ni -Father of

Romantic style in Maria Clara, Philippine
melody Amihan, Grand Impressionist
Festival Mass, Music
Artist for
-Triumvirate of
Hilarion Rubio Substantial work Florante at Laura, -Conductor of
for Orchestra , Halik, Danza, National
opera, ballet, Bulaklaken, Ang Opera
dance recitals and Konsyerto (ballet) Company
music for movies -First
president of
Asoociation of
Col. Antonio Extensive use of Pandanggo sa National
Buenaventura folk materials in Ilaw, Princesca ng Artist for
music Kumintang, Music
Folk and dance Pandanggo ni
music Neneng
Rodolfo S. Extemporaneous Ibong Adarna, The first
Cornejo thematic Malakas at Filipino
improvisation Maganda composer
Overture, Cello who receiver
Sonata an honory
degree in
music school
in the US
Felipe P. De Leon Nationalist Bulaklak National
composer Alitaptap, Artist for
Payapang Music
Daigdig, Pasko Na
Naman, Kay Tamis
ng Buhay
Lucio San Pedro Romantic Ugoy ng Duyan, National
Nationalist Suite Pastorale, Artist for
Incorporated Lahing Music
Philippine folk Kayumanggi,
elements with
western forms and
Rosendo Santos Jr Prolific composer Melinada’s New grooves
Masquerade Dictionary of
Music and
Alfredo Combination of Maria Makiling, Composer
Buenaventura contemporary and Dakilang Lahi, who
conventional Prinsesa Urduha composed five
full length
Composers of experimental New
Music in the Philippines include Jose
Maceda, Lucrecia Kasilag, Ramon
Santos, Manuel Maramba, Jerry
Dadap, Francisco Feliciano, Josefino
“Chino” Toledo and Jonas Baes. They
retained the Filipino spirit by
incorporating traditional music forms
as well as indigenous rhythms and
instruments in their composition
Jose Maceda (1917-2004)
Lucrecia R. Kasilag (1918-
Ramon P. Santos (1941)
Josefino “Chino” Toledo
Francisco F. Feliciano (1942-
Jerry Dadap (1935)
Jonas Baes (1961)
Fr. Manuel P. Maramba,

Jose Maceda combined Ugma-Ugma -Considered as

sounds of the (1963 the first
environment voice and Filipino Avant
with ethnic ethnic Garde
instruments instruments; Composer
Agungan -National Artist
a piece for six for Music
Lucrecia R. fusion of Eastern Toccata for -National Artist
Kasilag and Percussion and for Music
Western styles in Winds(for -former Dean of
using indigenous the College of
instruments, Muslim Music and
melody, harmony instruments and Fine Arts,
and rhythm Western Philippine
instruments) Women’s
The Legend of University
the Sarimanok -former
(1963), Chairman of the
composed for Asian
chamber Composers’
orchestra and League and the
Philippine League of
ethnic Filipino
instruments Composers.
Ramon P. chromaticism, Ding Ding Nga Dean of the UP
Santos music seria, and Diyawa, College of Music
electronic Nabasag na From 1978-1988.
components, Banga at Iba’t National Artist
combined with iba pang Pinag- for Music
indigenous ugpong-ugpong
Philippine music na Pananalita sa
elements. Wikang Pilipino

Jerry Dadap Religious Dakilang First Filipino

music/songs Pagpapatawad composer to
Tubig ng Buhay conduct his own
The Passionate works at
and the Wild Carnegie Recital
Hall in New York
Francisco F. Avant garde Sikhay sa Kabila -National Artist
Feliciano Liturgical pieces ng Paalam, for Music
/music Asian AshenWings -avant garde
Hymns, songs for La Loba Negra, composer and
worship Silence My Soul conductor
for band and
founder of the
Asian Institute
for Liturgy and
Music (AILM) in
Quezon City,
a school for
church musicians
Josefino “Chino” Asian noted for Ten Outstanding
Toledo Contemporary art conducting the Young Men”
music premiere (TOYM);
performances of “International
the works of Award for the
Filipino Arts”; “Civitella
composers as Ranieri
well as Fellowship in
other Asian Italy”; and the
composers. “Chancellor
Awards for
Musical Works,”
Jonas Baes ethnomusicolo bamui trail Associate
gist, cultural caller, sarunai Professor in
activist, and for oboe, Composition
writer, has khaen for and Theory,
explored mouth organ,
innovative WALA
territories and (Nothingness)
unusual IBO-IBON
musical (birdwoman)
treatments in
his works.
Fr. Manuel Masses, liturgical Aba!, Sto. Nino, liturgical
Maramba OSB, pieces, Religious La Naval, and composer,
music Lord Takayama
Papal Mass for
World Youth Day,
The 20th century Filipino song
composers/lyricist, they had
produced a memorable output of
traditional Filipino love songs,
music for movies and materials for
contemporary arrangements and
concert repertoire.
Levi Celerio (1910-2002)
Levi Celerio made it to the
Guinness Book of World
Records for being the only
person to make music with a
leaf. He received numerous
awards for his musical
achievements in film.
Constancio C. de Guzman (1903-
Constancio de Guzman was
acknowledged as the “Dean of
Filipino movie composers and
musical directors.” He is the
composer of the nationalistic
song Bayan Ko.
Miguel “Mike” Velarde, Jr.
Mike Velarde Jr. was a composer,
conductor, and musical director. He
composed the popular song Dahil Sa
Iyo in 1938. In 1975 the Philippine
Government Cultural Association
awarded him the Cultural
Achievement Award in Popular Music.
He received the Gawad CCP Para Sa
Sining in 1986.
Ernani J. Cuenco (1936-1988)
Ernani Cuenco was a composer, film
scorer, musical director, and music
teacher. He was hailed as a National
Artist in Music in 1999. His works
embody the Filipino sense of
musicality. The classical sound of the
kundiman is evident in some of his
ballads. Up to this day, his compositions
are popular and well-love
Restie Umali (1916-1998)
Restie Umali was a composer,
teacher, and musical arranger. He
arranged the Philippine
national anthem and the local
classic Kataka-taka for the Boston
Pops Orchestra when it
performed for the Philippine
Independence Night in Boston in
He wrote a total of more or less 120
movie theme songs. He composed
more than 250 scores for movies
which was capped by a Universal
Pictures production of No Man Is An
Island starred by Jeffrey Hunter and
Barbara Perez.
George Canseco (1934-2004
George Canseco was
considered “a nationally
acclaimed composer of
numerous popular Filipino
classics.” He composed songs for
Filipino singers and movie stars.
Angel Matias Peña (1921)
Angel Peña is a classical and jazz
composer, musical arranger, and
bass player. He is widely considered
by modern Filipino jazz musicians
as “one of the founders of
traditional jazz in the Philippines
Leopoldo Silos, Sr.
Leopoldo Silos was a
composer, singer and musical
He composed and recorded
romantically soulful songs. He
was the award winning musical
director of the television
musical, Aawitan kita.