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Zeph Computer

Prints and
A Marketing Plan
• ZEPH Computer Prints and Services is a printing business which offers a
variety of products and services such as school and office supplies,
tarpaulin printing, t – shirt printing, invitation cards, giveaway stickers,
bookbinding, rush ID picture, document scanning and printing, CD/DVD
burning, photocopy up to A3 size, posters and campaign materials.

o Was established in July 23, 2013
o Proprietor , Mrs. Ma. Teresa Magbanua – Andrada
o Carlos Hilado Memorial State College
o Digital printing products and services
o Mabini St., Brgy. Zone 2
• We exist to provide excellent products and
services to our clients from all walks of life and be a
blessing to them.
• We desire to provide ZEPH products and
services in every home, school, and offices not just
in Talisay City but also in other areas as well.
• Basing on our personal interview with the
owners, their marketing needs is advertisement such
as posters and tarpaulins in which it could help the
business to be publicize and to get the attention of
the people, who are in need of digital printing
services, specifically the residents in Talisay City
and/or within the nearby areas. In regards to their
target market, they have already achieved their
quota and are dominating, the only thing that is
bothering them and wished, is that they could
captivate the residents of Talisaynon.
Chapter 2
SWOT Analysis
• Strengths
1. Location
2. Customer Services
3. Quality
4. Variety of products and services
5. Price
• Weaknesses
1. Equipment and Facilities
2. Suppliers
3. Lack of advertisements
• Opportunities
1. Sponsorships on schools
2. Partnership with LGU’s
3. Partnership with suppliers
4. Gradual investments and improvement on
equipment and facilities
• Threats
1. New competitors
2. Large number of customers
3. Conflicts with partners
Chapter 3
Segmentation, Targeting, and
• Target Market- The target markets are the students from nearby
schools, the institutions, and residents of the city who are in need of any
digital printing products and services.
• Segmentation:
Demographics Psychographics Behavioural
 Age  Personality  Brand Loyalty
 Gender  Attitudes  Benefits Sought
 Values  Occasion
 Occupation
 Interests  Readiness to buy
 Students  Opinions
 Lifestyle
Figure 2 Competitor’s Analysis
Competitors Price Place Product Promotion

Black and Expensive Accessible Good quality Sponsorship


Ask 50Cents Very unorganized Poor quality Special Offers


DS Printing Very Accessible Needs Discount

Solutions Affordable Improvement Offer
Figure 3 Perceptual Map
Chapter 4
Marketing Strategies
• The Marketing Mix
Product  Advertising
 Good Quality  Discount Offers
 Just-in-time  Special Offers
 Excellent Features Process
Price  Technical
 Reasonable  Functional
 Affordable People
Place  Accommodating
 Accessible  Attentive
 Convenient  Good Customer
Send to the
Computer Lay Zeph's Partner
out the Design
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Finished Product Print

Customer's Flash Drive Computer

Check and verify Document

(paper size)
Ma. Teresa M.

Monresa Marie Zephaniah

Jezreel Andrada Ramon Andrada
Andrada Andrada
(Marketing) (Operations)
(Sales) (Finance)

Staff 1 Staff 1

Staff 2 Staff 2
Physical Evidence (Exterior & Interior)
 Interior
 Well Ventilated
 Organize
 Ambience
 Exterior
 Signage
 Attractive
Chapter 5
• The Marketing
Strategy Promotions
• Endorsement
• Giving benefits
• Zero Defects
• Expand the business Process
• Creating new product • Updated
Price • Upgraded
• Reasonable People
• Affordable • Treating customers
Place with care
• Secured • Valuable
• Well maintained
Physical Evidence (Exterior & Interior)
 Interior
 Well Ventilated
 Organize
 Ambience
 Exterior
 Signage
 Attractive
• Strategies and Tactics

• Benchmarking. Implementing the best practices and strategies of other

company and applying them to your own giving yourself and the company
a better chance to give overturn the other competitors

• Supply Chain – Partnering. Sometimes when there is an increase demand

of customers, workers tend to lessen their productivity and reducing the
quality of its product and necessities, in order to lessen the shorter product
cycle, it is needed to change their materials, processes, and somehow
having an alternative suppliers in case the other fails to give the necessary
materials needed in producing a product.