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C 5-6
Structura cursului
• Introducere
• TIC (Istoric, termeni, etc.)

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• Calcul tabelar
• Automatizare in domeniul naval
• Automatizari navale
• Nave complet automatizate
• Norme si reguli in domeniu
• Sisteme automate
• Structura, modalitati de automatizare si componente
• Calculatorul in automatizari
• Arhitectura sistemului
• Programe soft pentru automatizare
• Componentele unui program soft de automatizare
• Achizitia informatiilor, Model procesare, Comanda si control
• Organizarea si stocarea datelor, Interactiunea om-masina
• Interfata om-masina
• Cerinte, realizare, perspective
• Programe soft: controlul propulsiei, centrala electrica, navigatie si
guvernare, monitorizare si alarmare, stabilitate si gestiune marfa,
siguranta, intretinerea si gestiunea materialelor, controlul
echipamentelor specifice
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Computer Controlled Surveillance – Engine Diagnostics System

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CoCoS EDS is one of two PC software applications belonging
to theCoCoS System. The other application is CoCoS
Maintenance which is available as an option for planning and
execution of all aspects of diesel engine maintenance.

CoCoS EDS provides optimum, cost-effective surveillance of

diesel engines to ensure ideal running conditions and early
forecasting of faults.

It facilitates both protective and predictive maintenance and

is applicable for all MAN Diesel’s diesel engines, including
auxiliary equipment.

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The CoCoS applications can be used for marine and stationary

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Similarly, CoCoS EDS is equally suitable for surveillance of a single
engine or a group of engines making up an engine plant of any size.
Continuous surveillance of the performance (operating state and
behaviour) of an engine is an effective way of avoiding economic
losses due to engine stoppages and expensive repairs.
CoCoS EDS provides such surveillance, keeping the operating
personnel informed at all times of the engine condition with relevant
data. Thus, it facilitates early intervention and preventive
maintenance, so as to reduce the risk of costly engine stoppages and
even breakdowns.
CoCoS EDS fulfi ls four primary engine surveillance tasks, which are
always available to the user when using the program:
• Data Logging
• Monitoring
• Diagnostics
• Trend logging
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