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The quality of teacher until now still be important

of problem. The crusial problem in fact prensence of
teacher at various ledder began in the kindergarden
untill senior high school as the circle is judged far from
standardized perfonance. The various efforts continue
to be done for example with upgrading, debriefing,
seminar, discussion, untill research that essentially aims
to improve the quality of teacher.

Micro learning is one of the learning effort in the field of

teaching practise for prospective teachers and equip
prospective teachers with various teaching skills with the
aims that candidates teacher can grow and develop into
proffesional teacher.
Micro learning is characterized as
follows :
• The number of students as a little learning subject. That
is between 10-20 people. A small number of students
will not make the teacher model nervous.
• The time to teach something is limited which is between
15-20 minutes.
• The material taught is limited. Less material to make it
easier to be memorable and memorable.
• The develop teaching skills were limited. Micro teaching
learning implemantation technique is dine by isolating
the components of the learning process, so that teacher
candidate mastered each component one by one in a
simplied situation.

Generally micro learning aims to establish and develop

basse competence of teaching as stock of practice in
school / educational instutions in PPL.

1. Analyze the behavior of teaching her friend and self

2. Implement special skills in teaching
3. Practice time and correct teaching technique
4. Achieve on effective learning situation , productive and efficient
5. Instilling proffesional teacher attitude
6. Enables quick fixes
7. In stells self- esteem and opennes from other critisme
8. Develop a students critical attitude
9. In still awareness of the value of teaching skill and its component
10.Preparing the students in dealing with teacher practise and solving
differentlies in teaching
11.Recognizing the weakness and error in the perfomance of students
teaching skills and knowing good appearences.
The benefits of micro learning intensive raining will
benefit student, especially in matters :
1. Students become sensitive to phenomenon that
ocurs in the learning process or educational
2. Students can refflect on their competent in teaching,
and teacher so they can look as teacher.

Micro learning serves to :

• Students candidates receive feedback on their
perfomance in learning.This feedback is and
information of advantages and disavantages.
The advantages can be maintaned or improved
while the short commings can be improve so
that the basic skills of learning can be mastered
by prospective teacher.
• Provide oppurtunities for students to expplore
their potensial as prospective teacher.
E. Underlying assumptions of
microteaching learning

Simplification effort is based on the assumption that :

Mastering the first component of teaching activites will can

do overall teaching activities is complex.

Simplifying the situation so the attention can show of all to

the specially coach of skill that is of teaching activities.

Simplifying the situation of practice so more possible to

do the observasions is more accurate of note.