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Community Anchors
Monthly Calls

Feb 2018
Laddering Journeys

Supporting Journeys in the Ecosystem

44 Service Anchors

82 Service Fellows

17K Volunteers

196K Members
Laddering Journeys

Service Anchors & Community Anchors

Virtual Space:
Monthly Calls
Annual Update

Offline Space:
Annual Retreats,
In-person meet-
ups / gatherings

Online Sharing:
reflections on the
Feed and Blog
Laddering Journeys

Supporting Journeys: Local Communities

Hold Space
for Inner
(Awakins, Reflective
Create Opps to
Practice Values
(Karma Kitchen, flash
mobs, Hear the
Homeless, etc)

Design for Many-to-

Many Connections
(Retreats, Themed

Ladder Individual
Service Journeys (How
can I be of service?)
Laddering Journeys
Fostering a Culture
that Inspires Laddership


Co-Create &

the Ripples and
Deepen Ties
Laddering Journeys

Supporting Journeys: Local Volunteers

•Listen deeply and learn all about a

person’s journey and what inspires them
Connect and makes them come alive
Authentically •Assume value in every person (everyone
has something to give)

•Co-create ways for people to serve in a

Co-create deeply aligned way that inspires them
and •Collaborate with them and support their
Collaborate service ideas and projects while holding
space for them to practice values

•Personalise and deepen connection (1:1

Cultivate the & community/team engagement)
•Support vols to deepen in their journeys
Ripples & by offering opps to ladder other vols,
Deepen Ties seed new ideas and share inspiration to
keep the ripples in motion.
Laddering Journeys

Exploring the Edges

1:1 vs. Many-to-Many

Invisible Laddering vs Using Skilful Means to Pay

Forward Learnings in Laddering

Synergy/Co-Creation vs. Staying Aligned with

Values and Having Some Direction as a Ladder

Laddering others and serving the community vs

Holding space for oneself in a balanced /
healthy way